Whether it’s legislative bills about guns or other things, California has lost the plot

Whenever existing gun laws fail to stop a mass shooter, Democrats go mad enacting other laws that will constrain legal gun-owners while almost certainly doing nothing to stop the daily gun crime that plagues America's Democrat-run cities or the periodic eruptions of school or other mass shootings.  California, of course, which has always been considered the state that points to America's future, is constantly thinking of new ways to circumvent the Second Amendment.

Here's a look at gun proposals currently moving forward in California:

Image by Andrea Widburg, using a public domain image.

Of course, when it comes to California, the progressive urge to control every aspect of people's lives extends far beyond destroying the Second Amendment.  Here's a rundown of other high-profile bills being considered in California:

California used to be the "Golden State," leading the way for the rest of America.  Now the only place it's leading is straight off the progressive cliff, and we can only hope Americans refuse to follow.

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