Where's Ray Epps?

Since 1987, some of us have spent leisure time asking, "Where's Waldo?," looking for him in crowded cartoons clad in his red and white striped shirt.  It passes the time and stimulates the mind.  Since January 6, 2021, others have asked, "Where's Ray Epps?"

Asking, "Where's Waldo?" is harmless enough. Asking, "Where's Ray Epps?" might get you the kind of attention no one wants in this post-911 emerging police-state we still call America.

Still, lots of questions are popping up about Ray Epps.  On the surface, Ray Epps sounds like a salt-of-the-earth American.  He and his wife, Robyn, live in Arizona, where they own two ranches.  One of those farms is used as a wedding venue.  Records indicate he is a retired Marine and 60 years old.  If he were still with us, Norman Rockwell might be tempted to capture Robyn and Ray on their front porch to embellish this updated picture of Americana.

As the owner of two ranches, we get the suggestion that Ray has entrepreneurial blood pumping in his veins.  Videos capturing Ray in Washington, D.C. on January 5–6, 2021, show him as a "mover and a shaker."

Image: Internet meme.

In one video of Ray Epps taken on the evening of January 5, 2021, Ray is seen wearing a red MAGA baseball cap and exhorting protesters to "go into the Capitol."  During the span of Jan. 5–6, 2021, Epps can be seen in several locations between the White House and the Capitol, urging people to enter the People's House.  Like the imaginary Waldo, Ray Epps shows up doing his old man impersonation of Ethan Hunt on a Mission: Impossible episode.

Like the fictional Ethan Hunt, the Agency (FBI and DOJ) has disavowed any knowledge or connection with Ray Epps.  For some time, a picture of Epps appeared on an FBI website soliciting information about those who entered the Capitol on January 6.  That picture went up in a puff of smoke, and now, the FBI refuses to answer questions about him.

Nancy Pelosi and her minions are crafting their own narrative that they want to be accepted as truth.  She does not want her version annoyed by questions of deplorables.  That heavy-handed behavior tends to raise red flags in the minds of truth-seekers.  Why can't we see all the footage covering the January 6 event in the Capitol?  Why is the renowned FBI sitting on what it knows about Rancher Ray?

What a mysterious guy!  He lives in Arizona but makes himself famous, herding Trumpers to the Capitol.  As he was exhorting action, several people loudly suggested that Ray Epps is a Fed.  I know I am expressing a quaint notion from America's past, but don't the people in the FBI and DOJ work for us, AKA "We the People"?

I don't care about Waldo, but I want to know what brought Ray Epps to Washington from Arizona and who was paying him to stir things up.

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