This teacher's arrest is a microcosm of the left's obsession with child sexuality

A male teacher in Hawaii was arrested for engaging in perverse sexual behavior with a 13-year-old male student, which he recorded, and for trading child pornography with a teacher on the mainland.  That's disgusting enough.  What takes the story to a whole other level is the frantic tweets the teacher published haranguing conservatives for having dirty minds and projecting their sins onto innocent educators who merely want to make sure young people truly understand sex.  It is a microcosm of the left's predatory obsession with child sexuality.

A Hawaii news station has the facts:

Federal prosecutors said Alden Bunag sent illicit pictures and video to another teacher on the mainland and admitted to sex [sic] with a 13-year-old student.

Bunag made his first court appearance on Thursday at the federal courthouse and remains in custody until his next hearing. Court records said he admitted to investigators that he recorded his sexual encounters with a 13-year-old boy who was a former student and sent the videos to others through a messenger app.

According to federal court documents, Bunag had been sending child pornography to a teacher in Philadelphia. That teacher was arrested in October.

Documents said Bunag and the mainland teacher exchanged over 33 hundred messages, including hundreds of images and video files.

The documents added that "Bunag claimed to have sex [sic] with (the boy) at the school during lunch breaks. ... Described (the boy) as a former student and knew that he was a minor at the time."

Records said, "he also admitted to distributing the video recording of his sexual contact ... admitted to distributing child pornography involving other minor victims."

It's an awful story but, in its own way, sadly generic.  For all that leftists love to point to the Catholic Church as a breeding ground for pedophilia, that's nothing compared to what teachers across America (both male and female) are doing to their students.

Image: Teacher with students by freepik.  (And is it me or is this stock photo kind of creepy, given what's going on in classrooms today?)

What raises Bunag's arrest to a whole new level is what Libs of TikTok reveals: tweet after tweet from Bunag (although it's not clear whether he tweeted these out before or after his arrest in October) insisting that discussing sex with students isn't grooming, that kids must learn about sex, and that conservatives are the perverts projecting their evil thoughts onto innocent educators.  (Language warning.)

Those of us over the age of 40 (or maybe 50) remember the days when homosexuals were often banned from teaching because people were afraid that they would be predators who would groom students.  In the old days (the 1970s and 1980s), people advocating for gays and lesbians in the classrooms assured the general public that it was a calumny and a canard to accuse homosexuals of being predatory groomers.  However, what we're seeing with the push to get the LGBTQ+++ agenda in the classroom is exactly what people worried about all those years ago.

Most of America's teachers, whether straight or LGBTQ+++, are just ordinary people doing a job.  However, there are predators out there, and what's happening with the Pride push in school is that these predators are getting normalized.  After all, the Overton window (that is, the area of normalcy within a community) keeps getting pushed farther and farther left, especially in the case of child sexuality.

Here's my rule of thumb: people who define themselves primarily by their sexual identity ("I'm gay and I'm a teacher," as opposed to "I'm a teacher and my private life is none of your business") shouldn't be allowed around children — nor should people like Alden Bunag, who was clearly obsessed with teaching sex to children.  These people are like rattlesnakes, making clear their malevolent intentions, but leftists insist that parents ignore the sound or, maybe, teach their kids to cha-cha to the rhythmic beats.

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