The wages of Biden's open border: 46 found dead in a San Antonio truck

So how's Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris's open border going, where Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas has said he has "operational control"?

According to Fox News:

At least 46 undocumented migrants [sic] were found dead in a tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas and more than a dozen were hospitalized, authorities said. 

Crews were at the 9600 block of Quintana Road where an 18-wheeler containing up to 100 migrants inside was found abandoned, Fox San Antonio reported. The discovery is part of what is believed to be a human smuggling operation. 

"This is nothing short of a horrific human tragedy," San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said Monday night near the location where the tractor-trailer was found.

The temperature outside was reportedly 106 degrees Fahrenheit.  Imagine what it was like inside the truck.  The space had to have been constrained.  There was no water.  There was no air-conditioner or cooling, and it was a supposedly refrigerated truck.  Some of the survivors were reportedly kids. 

Some beast left the truck on a San Antonio street and didn't even unlock the back doors so that at least the migrants being smuggled could get out.  The only reason the box of horror was discovered at all was because a passerby heard cries from the inside for help.

All one can think is how terrible it was for these migrants, who had been promised heaven by their cartel human-smuggling syndicates.  Their cries for help had to have started well before they began dying.  Imagine how it was when the first person started dying.  Imagine being there when the 30th died in the heat, not even knowing where one's just unthinkable, like the despair of the men on the slowly capsizing Edmund Fitzgerald asking "where the love of God goes..."  Unthinkable.

It doesn't matter if they were illegal border-crossers at this point; they were human beings and nobody deserves to die a cruel, suffocating death like that — as some kind of misplaced or forgotten cargo, with some human-smuggler stepping away to save himself for unknown reasons — perhaps fear of arrest or not being paid or something else.  The death count is comparable to that of a cartel massacre of migrants who didn't pay the crossing fees that happened in the north of Mexico years ago, after a mass grave was discovered.

Well, now the mass graves are happening here in the States — big ones, consistent with huge human-smuggling syndicates and the cartel cash it takes to organize them.  Freelance border coyotes taking a family at a time across the Rio Grande can't pull off these kinds of operations, such as what was found in the truck, which had to have been an experienced operation.  That means that someone out there enabled these illegal migrant organizations to get very, very big, both from extended "business" and from the cartel expectation that the truck would never be intercepted or break down, or whatever it was that happened that led to the truck becoming an abandoned death chamber on a street in San Antonio.  Cartels have reportedly been heard in TikTok videos bragging about all the money they were making from human-smuggling.

Texas governor Greg Abbott and other Texas Republicans put the blame squarely where it belonged.

According to Fox News:

In a tweet, Abbott said Monday evening's discovery rests squarely on Biden. "At Least 42 People Found Dead Inside Truck Carrying Migrants In Texas. These deaths are on Biden," Abbott said, before officials raised the death count to at least 46.

The Republican governor also criticized Biden for not doing enough to secure the southern border.

"They are a result of his deadly open border policies. They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law," Abbott added.

Several other officials blamed the incident on Biden’s immigration policies, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who called the discovery "horrific" and "wrong." 

"How many more people have to die before Dems give a d---?" he asked, before making a reference to Biden’s border crisis.

Rep. Tony Gonzales, a Republican who represents Texas, also tweeted about the incident.

"Today in San Antonio it was 102 degrees. Imagine being abandoned inside an 18-wheeler left to die — 42 people died today — will @AliMayorkas even mention their names?" the lawmaker said, referencing Alejandro Mayorkas, who was nominated by Biden to lead the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security.

"Death count rises to 46 with another 16 in the hospital, to include 4 kids. Lord when will the nightmare end," the Republican added in another tweet.

To date, neither Biden nor Mayorkas nor border czar Kamala Harris has said a thing about this mass death of migrants at the hands of human-smuggling syndicates. 

Guilty consciences?  Hopes the news cycle will move on to something more palatable?  They claim operational control — and it's pretty obvious they don't have anything like operational control.

There will undoubtedly be talk of getting to the bottom of it, but what's needed is action to ensure that it can't happen.  The border wall needs to go up.  Cartel members and their allies should not be allowed to operate in this country.  Human-smuggling networks should be cracked down on.  Illegal migrants, most of whom will take dangerous risks in the hands of cartels, must know that if they are caught in the States, they will be sent back, making the proposition of working with a cartel to get into America a far less attractive prospect.

Most of all, the border needs checks and controls from the U.S. and Mexican authorities, because abandoning it, as Mayorkas has done, has left it in the hands of cartels.  This enhanced security will have to include, unfortunately, stricter inspections of international and cross-border transport trucks, which apparently have been pretty active on the human-smuggling front, given this recent mass death incident.

A few weeks ago, Gov. Abbott signed a deal with Mexico's border governors to enhance their border security in exchange for relaxed inspections of trucks.  I saw a tweet yesterday by Bill Melugin, which does not seem to be up there now, that the governor of Mexico's Tamaulipas state has not been keeping his end of the bargain and has actually helped actively escort migrants into the south Texas corridors.  If the tweet was deleted, it may have been incorrect information, or inadvertently classified information, or perhaps I am wrong about the source, but if it's true, then the deal should be off, and the gloves should be off about what gets inspected at the border.  It's an issue that requires further investigation as a potential reason for this surge in dangerous cartel human-smuggling traffic into the States. 

This, by the way, isn't the only industrial-scale operation that is being detected — Fox News's Melugin also found a case where a huge stash of fentanyl from a border operation was found in California around the same time — and a leftist D.A. actually let the smugglers of that cartel operation out on their own recognizance.  The border is indeed open.

In the meantime, where's Joe?  Where's Mayorkas?  Where's Kamala?  This kind of mass-death incident has happened once, and you can bet it will happen again.

Somebody out there is making a lot of money smuggling illegal migrants into the States, and now that they are trafficking in industrial-scale volume, human life is getting very, very cheap.

Image: Screen shot from video posted by Fox4 via YouTube.

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