The second civil war is already underway

There is a second civil war going on, just without the shooting.

This one is between two factions of elected politicians in D.C. locked in a death match that's never happened before.  It is one that began roughly 12 years ago during Obama's first administration and is being carried out on various battlefields and in various ways.

The following is a recitation of these battles and the weaponization of the federal government against its own citizens, or at least half of them.

The sham January 6 hearing being televised Thursday night is another battle in the war where the Democrats are doing everything they can not just to delegitimize Trump, the Republican Party, and its supporters, but to criminalize them as well.  January 6 itself is actually part of the broader civil war taking place.  The right were protesting what they saw, rightly so: a sham election.  It clearly got out of control and crossed a line by a crowd entering the Capitol en masse, but it was definitely not an insurrection or an attempt to overturn the election. 

And how was it, then, at all different when you had, the year before, mass rioting and looting, where there were few to no arrests made, during the BLM riots across the country?  And why were there no arrests after the fact, as there were for January 6 participants, many of whom are still sitting in jail in clear violation of their civil rights and the Constitution?  Both the January 6 and the George Floyd riots were just more battles in the civil war currently taking place, where one side is trying to overturn the existing order, and the other side is trying to preserve it since the way it was structured at the founding of the country.

You have another fairly large battle taking place when a memo written and issued by the Department of Justice cited unruly parents at school board meetings in Virginia as domestic terrorists.  They were just expressing their constitutional rights to demand that Critical Race Theory stop being taught to their young children.  But because the left and A.G. Merrick Garland saw that this was a direct threat to one of their most important voting blocs and power bases, the teachers' union, not to mention the ongoing indoctrination of schoolchildren in fake history that which claims that the United States was born out of racism and racist ideology

The Russia Collusion Hoax was a major battle in the second civil war.  Then came two fake impeachments and a massively rigged election, where state election laws in some of the key battleground states were manipulated to virtually guarantee a win for the Democrats.  And now we have another battle coming Thursday night, when the January 6 fake committee hearing will be broadcast nationally and in prime time, so the Democrats can leverage and maximize this particular battle to their advantage, an event that journalist and Fox News contributor Joe Concha called nothing but a "weaponized political ad."

But the fact is, the Democrats are really losing at this time in this second civil war because of Biden's failing and now imploding presidency, and the Democrats know it.  The House January 6 hearing is a weapon of massive distraction from the entire party's failure from top to bottom in doing anything that actually helps the average American.  They are in fact making it much worse for everyone.  You only need to look at the price for a gallon of gas and the surging crime waves in major urban areas.

Now, in order to keep the attention away from their failures, January 6 members like Jamie Raskin are upping the ante by saying the Electoral College needs to be abolished because of January 6.  The opening shot in this particular battle was the arrest of Peter Navarro, a former adviser to Trump for defying a congressional subpoena to testify before the committee.  It was reported that not only did they handcuff him when they arrested him at Reagan National Airport, but they put him in leg chains as well. 

There is definitely a pattern here that you could say began during Obama's first term as president, when his IRS was weaponized to take out conservative political actions groups by denying them tax-exempt status.  Now the weaponization of the federal government bureaucratic machinery against Trump and ordinary Americans is nearly complete.  The farcical kangaroo court taking place Thursday night will show the American public Democrats are taking it to the next level by trying to criminalize political dissent and opposition. 

The following is a list of additional battles taking place in this ongoing second civil war: leaking a draft copy of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, repealing the Second Amendment, packing the Supreme Court with additional justices, abolishing the Electoral College, and finally censorship and the war on free speech. 

There won't be a signing of a surrender agreement as there was at Appomattox Court House between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee.  Rather, it seems the next major battle in the second civil war could well move from bureaucratic offices, courtrooms, and hearing rooms onto battlefields not unlike Gettysburg or Antietam.

Image: Library of Congress via Picryl, public domain.

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