The problem with hating Trump

Do you remember filling up your tank on the day that President Trump left town?  I do, because my 12-gallon Focus cost about $27.

Do you remember the last time you filled up the tank?  Once again, I do, and I spent over $50.

Let's just say that there is a big difference between $50 for something and $27.  Once upon a time, say two years ago, $50 took your wife to a nice restaurant.  Today, you spend that much to drive her to your date night.

And that's the problem with Trump-hating.  No matter whether you loved or hated his tweets, his presidency looks better and better with every passing day.

This is what the Trump-haters are missing, as Conrad Black wrote:

Americans remember that Trump was in fact a very successful president, despite unprecedented partisan harassment, much of it illegal. 

Trump reversed the post-Reagan decline in per capita income growth, and specifically made the United States the first serious jurisdiction where the lower 20 percent of income-earners were gaining income in percentage terms more swiftly than the top 10 percent. 

He ended unemployment and oil imports, and practically ended illegal immigration (Noonan blames Trump for its revival), ended North Korean missile overflights against Japan, squeezed Iran so hard that its ability to finance terrorism withered, and the Middle East peace process advanced very substantially. 

American economic growth effectively prevented the further narrowing of the gap between the U.S. economy and China's. 

Trump withdrew from the policy of allowing unsubstantiated ecological fears to generate massive unemployment within the United States to the benefit of cheap labor competitors, and he got the NATO allies starting to pay appreciably for their own defense for the first time in decades. 

He left a roaring, non-inflationary economy, and a relatively untroubled international horizon.

Barring terrible tactical errors, of which he's capable, Trump will be back, and will return much wiser and more formidable than we remember him.

Most Americans may not remember everything that Mr. Black explained.  They do know that things were better off for everybody when President Trump was in.  People remember that "roaring, non-inflationary economy, and a relatively untroubled international horizon."

The Trump-haters have a major problem.  The voters liked President Trump's results because they experienced them.

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Image: Duncan C.

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