The Mises takeover of the Libertarian Party could be the antidote to Biden's mess

Just three weeks ago, delegates at the Libertarian National Convention met in Reno, Nevada.  Reason Magazine, a leading libertarian publication and website, published a piece titled "Inside the Mises Caucus Takeover of the Libertarian Party," which dove into the details of the fantastic upset, derailing the political establishment.  In what is now being referred to as the "Reno Reset," delegates belonging to the Mises Caucus "swept all the national leadership roles and [are] now in complete control of the nation's third-largest political party."  The newly elected chair of the National Committee tweeted:

The Mises Caucus takes its name from brilliant Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises, and supporters believe that the opinions of radical "progressives" or mindless urbanites ought to be of no concern.  According to Reason, the Party "shouldn't be afraid to reach out to the coalition that elected former President Donald Trump."

Speaking to the Mises takeover, comedian and host of a libertarian podcast Dave Smith said, "The priorities of the Mises Caucus have always been basically the priorities of the Ron Paul Revolution" — ergo, the Mises Caucus is where the Republican Party ought to be.  However, the Caucus isn't without its doubters in the political establishment, who brush it off as "sh--posting [sic] edgelords who make controversial statements just to attract attention[.]"

This providential turn of events seems too good to be true — adherents of Murray Rothbard, who recognize that property rights lie beyond infringement, and operate under true fiscal and economic conservatism and responsibility, running a political party?  And for good measure, they abide by the Second Amendment and have a deeply acrimonious response to the Fourth Branch of government — the bureaucrats.  If the Caucus remains steadfast and principled, they may prove to be the tourniquet to the Marxist and communist bleed inflicted upon us by means of Democrat and Republican politicians — and hopefully the eventual cure.  Can you imagine a Congress full of Ron Paul carbon copies?

If the party leadership remains true to the Mises platform, the temptation will prove to be too much, and I will enthusiastically throw myself from the sinking ship of the GOP to the Libertarian life preserver.

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