The left vs. the right of self-defense

A few years ago, in a television interview/debate between Sean Hannity and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, the discussion turned to gun ownership for the purpose of self-defense.  De Blasio would not acknowledge the need for guns and said New Yorkers should just call the police.  As Hannity pressed him, de Blasio kept repeating his "just call the police" mantra.  Clearly, de Blasio did not really believe in the right of self-defense, but he probably found it impolitic to say so.

That interview was echoed by a report of an incident in France in which a 35-year-old farmer was home with his three-year-old daughter when four burglars broke into his house.  He fired twice with a large-caliber rifle, killing one of the burglars.  The farmer was arrested and charged with murder.  When asked, French president Emmanuel Macron responded, "Everyone must be safe, and the public authorities have to ensure it.  But I am opposed to self-defense.  It's very clear and indisputable because otherwise, the country becomes the Wild West.  And I don't want a country where weapons proliferate and where we consider that it's up to the citizens to defend themselves."

In the recent, predictable Democrat party push for gun control following the Uvalde shooting, has anyone asked the basic question, "Do you believe in the right of self-defense?"  Many leftists believe that only the State has the right to defend its citizens.  They believe that the State should possess a monopoly on the legal use of force. 

The "wait on the police" position on self-defense calls to mind an adage well known to gun owners: "when seconds matter, the police are only minutes away."  In the case of Uvalde, the police spent over an hour milling around the hallway outside the room where the killer was executing students and teachers. 

Conservatives need to confront the fact that it is not just guns that the left wants to take away.  The left wants to erode both the right and the ability of citizens to effectively defend themselves and their families.

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