The Green New Deal crashes into the rocks

What a surprise!  Carbon-based energy is much more important than we were led to believe.  A slight reduction in domestic resource development has sent seismic shock waves throughout our economy.  Bottom line: Folks are often willing to go along with calls for sacrifice...unless and until they are made to really suffer.

Michael Crichton's next-to-last novel, State of Fear, is about politically motivated weather exaggeration.  The real meat, however, is in his epilogue.  It is there that he explains how the perceived intelligentsia is particularly susceptible to fads and hoaxes.  His prime example is eugenics, the early 20th-century movement to prevent the further "mongrelization" of the human race and the increase in the numbers of "inferior" beings.  Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to further this cause.  Adolf Hitler went even farther in his pursuit of the same goal.  These so-called smart people were either unaware of, or failed to grasp, the basic biological principle of hybrid vigor (heterosis).  It so happens that reproductive mingling among previously isolated gene pools tends to produce healthier, more vital individuals by bringing new DNA combinations into the mix. 

The obvious question is, how will this all play out?  The corrupt news media will likely go even farther in its over-the-top hysterical portrayal of ordinary weather events, trends, and hiccups.  As in Crichton's novel, what used to be a typical seasonal phenomenon — hurricanes — is now being portrayed as cataclysmic events, even though the last 140 years have seen no significant trend up or down in frequency.  And yet, the EPA claims the opposite, even though most of its sources show stability instead.  That's what you get when you rely on corrupt government scientists.  Meanwhile, the damage being done by suppressing the use of carbon-based energy will continue, though defections from this dogma have begun, out of obvious necessity.

Also, there's this pesky scientific discipline known as "geology" and its biological cousin called "paleontology."  The most recent ice age ended 11 to 12 thousand years ago.  At its peak, about 30% of the Earth's surface was covered by ice.  Such ice has been melting ever since and causing a gradual rise in mean sea level that has steadily averaged about 3.4 millimeters per year, or about 13 inches per century...that is, until the next ice age begins.

There's currently news being generated about the shrinking of the Great Salt Lake, which is really the largest remnant of the inland sea that once reached from the Rockies to the Sierras (AKA the Great Basin).  Aquatic dinosaurs paddled around in its waters — the point being that we well know of the severe, but typically gradual, changes in Earth's climate over the eons past. 

And doomsday cults are particularly appealing since they offer an escape from the drudgeries of ordinary life.  But at what price?  Again, we are really starting to feel the pinch.  There's also the human tendency toward tyranny.  Taking advantage of the pervasive ignorance of Earth science allows ambitious demagogues to continue trying to enslave the masses.  This easily explains the pugnacious disdain wannabe tyrants have for skeptics, also known as deniers.

Perhaps because of magical thinking, the climate alarmists were not expecting such abrupt negative consequences for their early GND implementations.  This pushback is gathering steam throughout the Western world.  After all, Europe is not as energy-rich as the U.S. and is much more dependent on supply chain sources.

It was the midterm election of 2006 that began the prioritization of "global warming" as a component of our political agenda.  It also put Nancy Pelosi at the top of the food chain.  Coincidence?  Not at all.

Image: Senate Democrats.

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