The degradation of our military

I believe that the Biden administration, most Democrats, and a good number of so-called Republicans are dedicated to the destruction of the traditional USA by various means: economic, political, cultural, immigration, and military. This essay addresses that last listed avenue of destruction—the military.

Napoleon Bonaparte is often quoted as saying that “An army marches on its stomach,” meaning that no army can move without food. I would submit that, today, in addition to food, an army cannot march without fossil fuels. The complicated logistics of modern life and warfare require reliable, consistent, and readily available fuels.

The reduction in our military capabilities is the most frightening, imminent, and insidious threat to our very existence. By advancing the Green New Deal to include our military forces as another casualty in this insane war on Fossil Fuels (crushing mining, drilling, refining, and distributing), Biden and his administration have added to the significant reduction of those weapons of war needed for the defense of this country.

We have been told that the Biden administration’s goal is that, in a few years, fossil fuels will no longer be available in America. Until then, our domestic sources for these necessary fuels will be diminished and we will beg for fossil fuels from unstable dictatorships around the world.

Also, the administration assures us that the internal combustion engine will be eliminated. Do away with gasoline and diesel we are told. Use renewables. But what will power our main battle tanks, self-propelled artillery pieces, and all-terrain vehicles used to support the troops, as well as all the aircraft of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. Electricity? Battery charging stations on the battlefield? Harnessing electricity from electrical thunderstorms? With no fighter jets to defend our $13 billion aircraft carriers that operate on nuclear power, they become floating tennis courts.

Image: Taliban parades abandoned American materiels. YouTube screen grab.

The consequences aren’t just in the future. Even now, because of the added cost of fossil fuels, military training has been significantly reduced, further damaging our defense posture. Wind and solar will be inadequate to replace the missing fossil fuel nor have any other reasonable sources been proposed or even contemplated to fuel the engines of war that protect our freedom.

Then, add this suicidal fossil fuel policy to abandoning to our enemies in Afghanistan equipment and munitions totaling $80 billion (that we know of); shipping to Ukraine $40 billion or more (again, that we know of) in weapons, and the until billions of dollars worth of military equipment and munitions we’ve given to our NATO “allies” as backfill. Additionally, we are committed to supplying Taiwan with sophisticated weapons systems so that they can defend themselves against our common main adversary, China. This is another significant drain on our war reserves stockpiles.

As we give away all these weapons, it appears that there has been no effort to ramp up production to replenish these depleted stockpiles. It is business as usual. If we can’t supply enough baby formula, how can we be expected to provide enough bombs and guns if and when the need arises for this country to actually go to war in its own defense?

Either Biden and his handlers are operating in a fantasy land of unicorns totally unrelated to reality; driven by their Marxist ideology of defeating Capitalism; incredibly stupid; blinded by greed; or just so evil they are determined to see the total elimination of the constitutional republic known as the United States of America.

All the average citizens can do is prepare for the worst and pray.

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