Summit of the Americas: Joe Biden turns America into a beggar

Joe Biden couldn't care less about Latin America, hasn't visited the place, hasn't visited even the border to the place, and now has a monster 15,000-strong migrant caravan heading to the U.S. which he will undoubtedly bow to, and let in.

But here he was, host at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, and his lack of preparation pretty well made him, and America, beggars to the hemisphere's locals.

And sure enough, it was accompanied by the stench of urine, more about later. Please clap.

Start with the earliest controversy -- the invitation list. The past practice, and it's not a good one, but it is the precedent, is to allow socialist hellholes to attend what the 2001 Lima Declaration calls a club for democracies.

As a result, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua were not invited. Two of those dumps became dumps based on election fraud. The third is led by a brutal longtime military oligarchy that shot its way to power. Perhaps the election fraud issue is just a little sensitive for Old Joe? The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, prior to the summit, pointed that uncomfortable detail out. If Venezuela and Nicaragua are not democracies owing to election fraud, how is the U.S. is all that different? The hypocrisy was obvious.

It wasn't just Bolsonaro who pointed this out. In the past, Mexico's socialist president, Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador, has also cast a jaded eye on the legitmacy of Joe's election, because he, too, was once on the receiving end of what he was sure was electoral fraud, too, complete with ballot machines stopping in the middle of the night and changing directions.

The exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua triggered a chain-reaction of refusals to attend, from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, plus Bolivia, all or most of which are major shippers of illegals, along with the huge socialist failures Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. How exactly a migration accord could be discussed without these major players, which was the highlight of the summit, is strange stuff.

More to the point, why the hell didn't he allow the socialist dictatorships in? He would have had a golden opportunity upbraid places like Cuba for their failures, failures that have driving millions of their citizens to flee as migrants. If this were President Trump, he'd bring the leaders of these places in and then deliver a knockout blow about their socialist records, putting these hellholes on the spot, and forcing them to admit their failures, if not come up with a laughable panoply of excuses.

Instead, Biden just ended up begging.

According to a very good account in Politico, Biden only got Brazil to come by agreeing to not to criticize its rainforest policy -- which Joe obeyed. He must have wanted them there bad. Bolsonaro not only questioned Biden's electoral legitimacy, he also mocked his age. Biden, though, just begged, and had to throw in the sweetner of a bilateral summit, too. He begged a lot.

And that kind of matched the scenery the heads of state were subject to -- which according to Politico, the attendees noticed. 

 It started with the usual boosterism about the wonders of America -- along with this detail:

Officials heralded Los Angeles as a beacon not just for America, but the nearly two dozen heads of state and their entourages who gathered here.

“You are in one of the most diverse cities — LA — in the most diverse region in the most diverse state — California — in the world’s most diverse democracy,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, said in welcoming the assembled travelers.

Outside, however, the unmistakable smell of urine wafted through the warm night air. The deteriorating condition of downtown Los Angeles — where rows of tents housing the homeless lined the street—didn’t go unnoticed by the foreign dignitaries. Nor did the 7-Eleven where store clerks keep the door locked during operating hours because they’ve been robbed so often.

Eeew. Welcome to Joe Biden's America.

The Summit's big achievement was called "The Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection."

It was an anodyne, non-binding declaration in which countries made tiny promises to take in a few more migrants (Spain promised to double its refugee count -- from 250)  to help out on the monster migrant surge. In the past, summits focused on trade and prosperity agendas like this. Now it's all about migrants and bennies.

The nonbinding declaration on migration was actually load of nothing (Spain takes 250 people) with Jill whining about an 'unfair' New York Times piece:

The Biden administration has committed to a three-fold increase in resettling 20,000 refugees from the Americas over the next year. Other pacts revolved around addressing climate change and driving clean energy, advancing food security, mobilizing new investments in the region and incentivizing increased trade, though they lacked major funding and many specifics.

"I heard uniformity," Joe crowed. When your standards are that low, and the declaration is nonbinding, sure, anyone can get uniformity.

Left unsaid was what Joe was ignoring, but the heads of states undoubtedly weren't:

That Biden has incentivized illegal immigration and already let more than a million illegal border crossers into the U.S. each uttering the magic word "asylum" as their ticket to entry along with free transport to their destination of choice, free hotels, free cell phones, free baby formula Americans can't get, free welcome packets, and the like. 

Taking in a few "refugees" is kind of a joke, given the flood who have already found their best deal in just coming on over to the states without papers.

Laughable. A million illegal border crossers let in and he's taking in 31,500?:

The agreement, called the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, commits the United States to taking 20,000 refugees from Latin America during the next two years, a threefold increase, according to White House officials. Mr. Biden also pledged to increase the number of seasonal worker visas from Central America and Haiti by 11,500.

Biden actually tried to spread the blame for the migration crisis by calling it everyone's problem. Speaking of begging:

The agreement announced on Friday is an attempt by Mr. Biden to find other ways to confront repeated surges of migrants at the U.S. border by casting the issue as a problem for the entire region, not just the United States.

Not a word about Joe's dinner triangle to migrants.

It's just COVID. COVID and climate change did it, see:

We acknowledge that addressing irregular international migration requires a regional approach, and that ongoing health, social, and economic challenges of the pandemic exacerbate the root causes driving irregular migration, including the vulnerabilities of many migrants and their communities.

Naturally, some of these nations correctly read Joe for a sucker and didn't offer a thing:

But a news release from the White House listing the specific commitments by each country did not include any from El Salvador and Honduras, which contribute heavily to the flow of migration to the United States and elsewhere.

He just held a new goodie bag out for more illegal migrants, effectively begging more to come. The goodie bag:

We support efforts that allow all migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and persons in situations of vulnerability to integrate into host countries and access legal identity, regular status, dignified employment, public services, and international protection, when appropriate and in accordance with national legislation, to rebuild their lives and contribute to those communities. 

...and...portability? Sending Social Security checks to every illegal back in his mansion in Honduras? The U.S. paying big pensions to any illegal who left one behind in the homeland? Certainly will incentivize illegal immigration, won't it? Who demanded that?

 We intend to promote, in accordance with national legislation, the recognition of qualifications and the portability of social benefits.

The Politico piece noted that for the migration declaration to work, the U.S. will need to follow up and pay sustained attention, quoting an analyst.

Anyone think Joe will do that? He hasn't even gone to the border, and certainly not Latin America. Bolsonaro said Biden passed him by at G20 'as if i didn't exist.'

Biden only talks to these places when he wants to beg them for something. He begged.

Image: Screen shot from Globe News video, via YouTube

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