Slow Joe goes to Israel

The dates have been fixed for Biden's visit to the Middle East: July 13–16, and the schedule looks loaded with pitfalls for the fumbling president.

His visit to Israel coincides with the Opening Ceremony of the Maccabiah Games, which is always covered live on Israeli TV.  For many Israelis, who have low expectations, Biden's visit will be a distraction.  What can he deliver for Israel?

The only four items that Biden has been fixated on for 50 years are:

  1. Stopping Jews living in Judea and Samaria.
  2. Dividing Jerusalem our capital.
  3. Pushing for a "two-state" non-solution, even if the other state will inevitably be controlled by Hamas.
  4. Increasing U.S. taxpayer money to the unrepentant regressive corrupt Palestinian Authority.  Biden ignores two U.S. laws banning such payments until the P.A. commits not to use the money to reward their terrorist killers.

We call it their "Pay to Slay" reward system.  The more Jews you kill, the more money you get, courtesy of the funding from the United States, Europe, and the U.N.

This obscenity has to stop, but under Biden, the payments are increased.

After telling Israel he has our backs, he will meet Mahmoud Abbas, probably in Bethlehem, to tell him he has Biden's full support and money, no strings attached.

Biden will then talk grandly about integrating Israel into the region quoting the Abraham Accords, which was the diplomatic achievement of President Trump, who threw aside the failed half-century misconception that the only way to Middle East peace runs through the Palestinians.

The miraculous progress made since Trump employs the novel concept of pushing the disagreeable Palestinians aside until they are ready to face the 21st-century reality that peace runs through progress and cooperation, not by threats and violence.

Israel and our new allies are not only signing multi-billion-dollar innovative partnerships.  We are addressing and solving the shared security and strategic needs of the region.  And we are doing it without Biden.

In mid-July, Biden will try to jump into the Trump saddle by visiting with the heads of Saudi Arabia, the corrupt Qataris, and Kuwait.

The Biden team will talk about strengthening ties between Egypt and Israel, but I can assure you that the relationship between Jerusalem and Cairo is perfectly fine right now as we are about to complete an energy deal that will supply Europe with Israel's offshore natural gas through a system that will run via Egypt.

Whatever goes on between Biden and Saudi Arabia, we are reminded of Biden's presidential campaign promise to treat Saudi Arabia like a "pariah state."

I guess that will be another Biden promise made, promise broken.

Image: Gage Skidmore.

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