President Biden and fellow Democrats want to disarm you

For years, whenever a media-genic school shooting has come along (as opposed to the routine carnage of young and old in America's Democrat-run, gun-controlled cities), myriad studies, plus common sense, have suggested simple solutions (limiting school points of entry, armed guards, armed teachers, etc.) and deeper solutions (focusing on families, fathers, and faith).  Invariably, Democrats have said "no," indicating that they really don't care about school shootings.  They've been waiting for something big to justify overriding the Second Amendment, and, with Uvalde, they think they've got it.

Whenever someone constantly complains about something but refuses to take any steps to remedy the situation, you know that the person already has a plan in mind and does not want other measures to derail that plan.  So it is with Democrats and gun control.  Indeed, Democrats over the past few years have gone out of their way to increase the risk of gun crimes.  In Democrat-run cities, they've defunded and demoralized the police and refused to prosecute violent criminals, including those committing gun crimes.  California, after Uvaldepassed a bill that relieves schools of the mandatory duty to report violent threats to law enforcement.

So, given how Democrats purport to hate gun violence, we can guess why they seem to do everything in their power to facilitate gun violence: they want to bring things to a crisis point to justify serious Second Amendment infringements.

Image: Biden demands gun control (and what’s with all those candles?).  YouTube screen grab, edited.

We've already seen the Canadians seize on Uvalde to justify attacking handguns and magazines with over five rounds, and now it's Biden's and the Democrats' turn.  In the House Judiciary Committee, Mondaire Jones was a standout for the nonsense Democrats spouted with his hysterical rhetoric about destroying the filibuster and the Supreme Court if that's what it takes to end the Second Amendment:

Typically for a recent(ish) Harvard Law grad, Jones has no reverence for the Constitution, which he views as an obstruction to power.  (That, incidentally, is why the Founders created the Constitution: to obstruct power.)

But the worst came from Biden himself, who was, as usual, a wellspring of lies, misinformation, and demagoguery.  Credit goes to Breitbart for doing an extraordinary job fact-checking the effluvia that flowed from Biden's lips.  Here are just a few misstatements, and I recommend visiting Breitbart for more coverage of Biden's speech.

Biden: "Guns are the number one killer of children."  False.  Children cease to be children when they hit 18 and become legal adults.  Sadly, in 2020, 2,281 children from 0 to 17 died from guns (and I'm betting a lot were in Democrat gun-control cities), while 2,503 died in car accidents.  Biden (and the dishonest CDC) arrived at their "fact" by including 18- to 19-year-olds (i.e., adults).

Biden: Expanding background checks would limit school shootings.  Mostly false.  We already have FBI background checks, but Democrats want to have background checks for private sales (neighbor to neighbor, father to son, etc.).  But private sellers, who presumably have more knowledge of their customer, already have a legal obligation to reasonably believe that the buyer is not barred from gun ownership.  Moreover, according to Breitbart, for the last 15 years, all but three mass shooters got their guns through retailers.  Imposing a burden on private sales would have a minimal effect on mass shootings but create a massive burden on individuals.

Biden: Mass shootings tripled after the assault weapons ban ended in 2004.  Mostly false, says the WaPo!  Biden was relying on a flawed study:

The new mass-shooting database shows that there were 31 mass shootings in the decade before the 1994 law, 31 in the 10 years the law was in force (Sept. 13, 1994 to Sept. 12, 2004) and 47 in the 10 years after it expired. As noted, some of that increase stems from population growth.

Biden: Nothing was done after the Parkland shooting.  False.  Florida enacted a red-flag law, improved school safety, and even enacted some gun controls.

Here's a fact Biden doesn't want you to know: a CDC study during Obama's presidency showed that Americans use guns defensively from 500,000 to 3 million times per year.  That completely dwarfs the ~20,800 gun deaths in 2021, an exceptionally violent year, and a year in which 18.8 million people responded to rising violence by purchasing a weapon.

In the grand scheme of things, school shootings, while utterly heart-wrenching and appalling, represent only the smallest use of guns.  And as the worst attack on a school in American history shows — 44 students killed by a bomb in 1927 — evil people don't need guns.

There's so much more to be said.  For a deep dive into the principles behind the Second Amendment, the fact that governments are the ones most responsible for gun violence, the misinformation Democrats are spewing about weapons, the lessons from Uvalde, and more, I recommend a post by Wolf Howling, my fellow blogger at Bookworm Room.

And the final word goes to Joe Biden:

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