Praise and thanks to God

In 1973 I wrote:

How in heaven’s name – I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT – could the Supreme Court yield to the pressure of moral degenerates and allow the murder of children by declaring abortion legitimate and legal in Roe v. Wade! This act of brutality against
nature, God, and humanity – a stab in the heart of justice – would arouse the anger of millions of Americans. This treachery against life and against justice was and would remain intolerable to the vast majority of citizens. The knowledge of both atheist and religious people, held over two millennia, that abortion is murder, an abomination in every moral system, therefore dead wrong in every context of jurisprudence, was about to be tossed to the wind!

My brother, a World War II veteran, and his wife spent countless days of effort to protect the lives of children-still-in-the-womb, by way of Operation Rescue, attending many of the demonstrations. I regret that they did not live to see the day that the legality of this abomination on humanity would finally end.

Praise and thanks to God!

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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