Moonlighting Joe, the part-time president

If you listen to conservative media, you get the impression that the Biden administration is "hands down" the worst since our first, and perhaps greatest, president, George Washington, was inaugurated in 1789.  Biden's gaffes, creepy whispering, rest home shuffling, and empty gazes make many of us wonder how we got to this sorry state.  Many of us wonder why this man is not confined to an elder care facility.

It is not fair, however, to claim he has no accomplishments.  While we scream and shout about the demise of the country we love, he is busy accomplishing the bidding of the Democrat party and his patrons in Communist China.

Joe Biden collects $400,000 a year in salary as president.  According to the New York Post, Biden and his family have collected $31 million from China.  Jesus said we cannot serve two masters.  If Biden has collected $31 million from China, that raises the question: what do the Chinese want in return?  Does that $31 million make China his biggest concern?  Could it be that his primary job is serving the interests of China, while his role as president is a moonlighting gig?

As president, Joe Biden is doing his worst to make sure that America is ruled by his party far into the future.  His open border policy is allowing millions of illegals to invade this country.  At an opportune moment, his party, with the help of RINOs, will grant amnesty to these lawbreakers, including a path to citizenship.  This was Ted Kennedy's demographic dream, and no one in Washington is giving Biden any grief about his part in making Democrats the ruling party in America.

Image: Joe Biden (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

Joe Biden wants fossil fuels to become so expensive that Americans will grudgingly switch over to electric cars and other "green friendly" sources of power.  You hear American citizens grumble over these high prices, but again, do you hear Senator Mitch McConnell or Minority Leader McCarthy pounding tables in Washington over the high prices their constituents are paying?  As Sgt. Shultz used to say, "I hear nothing."

Joe Biden oversees a new America featuring a two-tiered justice system.  If you admittedly lie to the FBI and are a Democrat, you get a pass.  If you allegedly lie to the FBI, as General Flynn was accused of doing, you will be hounded, harassed, and ruined because he is a Republican.  Our coins still say, "In God we trust," but the reality in Washington, D.C. is more like "Republicans need not apply."

Biden's popularity for doing the bidding of his party is worrisome for Democrats.  Forty-one percent of Americans approve of what he is doing, while 57% disapprove of his leadership.  Worse, 23% of Americans believe that the country is on the right track, while 71% of those polled say America is on the wrong track.  We are five months from the congressional elections, and it currently appears that the Democrats will lose control of both the House and the Senate.

Biden's embrace of open borders and green energy policies is very unpopular with the general public.  Still, it's very popular with the far left of his party, who are currently calling the shots.  I fear that Biden is too old and feeble to make course corrections as Clinton once did.  With Harris as vice president, we are stuck with Moonlight Joe until January 2025.  Writing this gives me no pleasure, but "we the people" are not his first concern.  He has other employers overseas who pay him much more.

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