Meet Kitty Demure, a drag queen who tells the truth about drag and children

Not all drag queens want to perform in front of children. Kitty Demure is honest about what drag performances are about and thinks that sexualizing children is wrong, very wrong.

My theory, which I’ll argue vigorously forever, is that children shouldn’t be near anyone whose primary self-identification revolves around sex. (“I am a gay teacher” versus “I am a teacher.”) The work of a drag queen is all about sex. These are men who culturally appropriate and stereotype women. They often have incredibly vulgar stage names that, thankfully, usually go right over children’s heads (just as I was much older before I figured out that the name “Pussy Galore” in the James Bond film Goldfinger was actually a risqué joke).

Lately, drag queens have suddenly become Democrat America’s cultural icons. They are everywhere and are being treated as the newest front in civil rights. Michigan’s attorney general, Dana Nessel, even declared that “Drag queens make everything better,” and opined that there should be “a drag queen for every school.”

The Audubon Society, which ought to be about birds, but has lately obsessed over its founder’s and namesake’s ancient wrong think, decided that it could best make its case by having a completely untalented drag queen perform his song about birds:

By the way, that performance feeds into another one of my theories, which is that most drag queens (not all but most) are completely untalented but get a pass because...they’re drag queens.

In another desperate attempt at Pride month relevance, the Audubon Society also boasts that birds and gay culture are a thing. (And it is true that the Yiddish word for a gay man, a feygele, comes from the ancient German fogal, meaning bird.)

But not all drag queens believe that they should be performing in front of children, no matter what the Democrats say. Bill, who is a member of the #WalkAway movement and performs as Kitty Demure, argues vociferously that the last place a child should be is at a drag show:

Billy asks what drag queens have done to earn respect and admiration. He accurately describes their performance as “do[ing] sexual things on stage,” adding “I have no idea why you would want that to influence your child.” He likens that kind of influence to that of a “stripper or a porn star.” “A drag queen performs in a nightclub for adults. There is a lot of filth that goes on; a lot of sexual stuff that goes on. And backstage there’s a lot of nudity, sex, and drugs.”

If you visit Billy’s Kitty Demure Facebook page, you’ll see a lot of common sense because this man understands that his performances are fine for consenting adults but also knows that what he does (and that what Christine Aguilera did when performing with a huge strap-on) damages children and degrades culture. Indeed, Billy is deeply opposed to the whole marketing of the LGBTQ+++ lifestyle and identity to children.

It’s refreshing to see someone speak honestly about his drag queen lifestyle. In a free country, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adults enjoying a drag queen’s performance. But in a sane country, there’s something deeply wrong with a political party aggressively pushing for children to be exposed to these same performances.

(By the way, it’s clear from Billy’s Facebook page that FB has been trying to ban him and that Twitter succeeded in doing so. Drag queens who refuse to play by leftist rules are clearly as reviled as conservative Blacks and Hispanics are.)

Image: Kitty Demure. Facebook screen grab.

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