Matt Walsh’s ‘What Is A Woman?’ is both entertaining and important

Matt Walsh, a conservative writer and speaker, as well as being (as he often points out) a bestselling children’s book author and one-time top seller on Amazon’s LGBTQ book list, takes very seriously the increasingly aggressive push to manipulate children’s perception of their biological gender. To that end, he traveled across America and halfway around the globe seeking the answer to one simple question: “What is a woman?” The video he’s created about his search is at one and the same time funny, frustrating, and very depressing.

The movie reflects Walsh’s sardonic humor, acidly accurate insights, and willingness to risk unpleasant confrontations. Over the course of the movie, he interviews a variety of people who both support and oppose the transgenderification of American culture and, especially, American children. In addition, he asks ordinary Americans and Masai tribespeople the same question. The former have embraced post-modernism (nothing is real; there is no truth; only feelings matter), while the latter don’t have time for post-modern nonsense.

One of the things that’s immediately obvious about the movie is that those who oppose transgender madness know precisely what a woman is: It is an adult female. She may be a masculine woman but she is, and always will be, a woman.

The movie’s emotional heart is Scott Newgent, a woman who has gone through the full panoply of chemicals and surgeries to make her look like a man. And indeed, from the neck up, she really does look like a balding, pudgy middle-aged man, complete with 5:00 shadow, with a voice sounding like a man who’s had just a little whiff of helium. From the neck down, all the surgeries in the world (including stripping skin and muscle off her left forearm to create illusory male genitalia) cannot change her body habitus, which is that of a chubby woman.

Newgent is stuck with her male body—complete with chronic infections, multiple surgical interventions, and deadly chemicals that inevitably lead to cancer. Despite (or, probably, because of) that, she is fiercely opposed to early chemical and surgical treatment for children because they are incapable of understanding what’s being done to them. Newgent also notes that the real issue is money. Gender “transformations” are hugely profitable for surgeons and pharmaceutical companies.

One of the doctors making money with this surgery is a man named Marci Bowers who is himself a product of surgery and chemicals to create the illusion that he is a woman. To see Bowers’s feigned inability to understand that there’s no difference between a “transabled” person wanting a health limb amputated (which Bowers characterizes as abnormal) and a “transgender” person wanting to remove breasts or a penis is really something.

Image from Reality Bites by Broc Smith.

There’s also Michelle Forcier, a Brown University-affiliated pediatrician, who resolutely refuses to answer the question “What Is A Woman?” She explains that even babies are gender sensitive and toddlers know what gender they want to be. She’s also serenely certain that puberty blockers, which are also used to chemically castrate sex offenders and that can destroy bone density, among other things, are just a magical pause in puberty without any lasting consequences.

On the side of madness, Walsh also interviews the sweet, happy Gert Comfrey, a licensed therapist who’s clearly a woman but who claims to have no idea what a woman is because she’s isn’t one; and a gender and sexuality studies professor who is incredibly squirrely as he tries desperately to avoid the central question.

On the sane side, he talks to Miriam Grossman, a genuine psychologist who savages the damage from the transgender movement; another therapist who works with transgender people but is worried about what’s being done to children; a former academic who left the field because of the pressure to get on board the transgender train; an anonymous Canadian man who faces prison time for misgendering his 13-year-old daughter after a hospital began giving her hormone treatments thanks to a Canadian law that does not require parental permission; and Jordan Peterson, who has refused to be forced into using people’s preferred pronouns.

And through it all, Walsh is quiet and persistent. He’s never offensive but, like the best kind of interviewer, he forces activists to confront the giant holes in their logic—at which time some of them got very defensive and hostile, including Mark Takano, a gay, Asian congressman who, upon realizing he was sounding like an idiot, kicked Walsh out of his office.

The one downside of the movie is that it’s expensive. To watch it, you need to buy an “insider” subscription (currently on sale for $9/mo). I was initially loath to do so, although I’m a huge Matt Walsh fan. However, to its credit Daily Wire is trying hard to set itself up as an alternative to Hollywood by making documentaries, adventure movies, comedies, and other content. If I want to see Hollywood’s hold on popular culture weakened, I need to be willing, if I can, to support the alternative.

As a bonus, here’s the Babylon Bee’s “What Is A Man?” for free. It’s long but you’ll get the gist in the first couple of minutes:

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