Like the US, England is being buried under illegal aliens and economic migrants

With Biden in office, America’s southern border has vanished entirely. Illegal aliens crossed the border over 1.6 million times in 2021 and, this year, they’re going to break that record, given that they’re marching across the border at the rate of around 200,000 per month (a number that may increase if Biden gets rid of the Title 42 health restriction). Once here, if the illegal aliens are caught, the government feeds them, clothes them, gives them free baby formula (if they need it), and ships them across the country to wherever they want to go. But believe it or not, we’re the lucky ones. What’s happening in Europe and, especially, in England is infinitely worse.

Paul Joseph Watson has put together a video that uses the plight of one small village as its starting point to explain England’s invasion—something done with the government’s complicity. Linton-on-Ouse, in North Yorkshire, has about 700 residents. It’s just received word from the British home office that it will be receiving 1,500 North African migrants. That is, 1,500 foreign Muslims, most of them men.

I had the pleasure of living in Yorkshire for a year as an exchange student in the very early 1980s. Although I’d originally dreamed of Oxford or Cambridge, I realized once I’d arrived in England how lucky I was to be sent north. Oxbridge was already very international and, while it looked like the England of old, it didn’t necessarily feel like that. Yorkshire, however, was English. The people living there had lived there for generations, some with roots stretching back centuries. It was an exchange student’s dream.

Image: European illegal aliens. Rumble screen grab.

Since then, however, England opened her borders, beginning with central Europeans, Saudis, Bangladeshis, and Pakistanis. Even before 2015, when Angela Merkel opened Europe and England to an unlimited number of Muslim economic refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, Yorkshire, once the most English of counties, was home to the fourth highest Muslim population in England. For example, by 2016, in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, the Savile Town community was made up almost entirely of Muslims, many of whom never had contact with native Britons and all of whom lived entirely under Sharia law within England.

In the early 2000s, a friend told me that Yorkshire was very attractive to Muslim immigrants because it had a higher Jewish population than other regions in England. The new immigrants didn’t want to live with the Jews. They wanted to oust them by buying property in Jewish communities and making life so unpleasant for the Jewish residents, many of them with deep roots in Yorkshire, that they had to leave. (You can read more about the Islamification of Yorkshire here).

It's not just Jews who are affected when there’s mass Muslim immigration. Muslim men view white, non-Muslim women as prostitutes and have operated vast grooming gangs across England, especially in the north. They’ve been aided in this by the fact that, as in America, the family unit in England has broken down. This means that there are thousands of emotionally broken girls who’ve never had a loving father to build up their self-worth and who have no male family members to protect them.

So, while we in America are getting a fair number of sex traffickers; mountains of fentanyl; low skilled, illegal workers who drive down wages; and more welfare mouths to feed, the Latin Americans who come here mostly want to work and mostly hew to traditional western, Christian values. The same cannot be said for the North African and Middle Eastern Muslim men who are pouring into England and Western Europe.

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