Kamala: The new grand inquisitor

Because Kamala Harris has done such a stellar job as Border Czar, Joe Biden wants her to head up the "White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse," whose first few words form the acronym WHTF.

This latest attempt at censorship will be conjured to attend to "the need for government leadership to address online harms, which disproportionately affect women, girls, people of color, and LGBTQI+ individuals."  In short, what cannot be done by revoking the First Amendment will be done by a new government entity that, unfathomably, says nothing on behalf of straight white men and women.  I guess they are rarely victims.

This is the old (last month) "Disinformation Board" reimagined and revivified.

Our achievement-challenged VPOTUS is going to head up a group whose sole job it is to find people who claim to be harmed in some way.  The government will then wield its sword to shut down and maybe imprison anyone who dares bring up the left's perverse, deviant, and anti-white racist policies, or an alt-position about masking or vaxxing.  The radical left have created a new "task force" to fight back against the parents who have risen up en masse on behalf of their children who are being maleducated and sexualized in government schools.

What does the left mean by "address online harms"?  It means that if an online person subjectively decides he is harmed by your words or if he is gender-flamed, he will have a government-sanctioned way to get you fined for it, get you shut down, or have you prosecuted under the law.  It's the new "Ministry of Truth" under a different name and just as noxious as the first attempt.

The new board is set up to enhance and expand "data collection and research across the Federal Government to measure the costs, prevalence, exposure to, and impact of technology-facilitated gender-based violence."  Translation: The new task force can monitor your online messages and posts, then subjectively determine if your "violent" opinion hurt someone regarding, for example, trans and gay matters, vaccine and mask matters, firearm ownership, or political matters.  They are even forming a "survivor and expert" roundtable, led by Kamala herveryownself.  Because you have to "survive" bad words and slurs.  When did Americans become so sallow, so weak, so beige?

If you say the pro-trans, pro-gay curricula of many schools are wrong, that could be considered "violent" speech in need of being survived.  Or if you have a few choice words for drag queens in your child's story hour and talk about it online, you're toast.

In the transparent guise of preventing mass shootings, "climate violence," and other violence, along with bad breath, this task force will likely be able to claim that your words and opinions are violent because of the "disproportionate impact" on groups our Solomonic government has determined are favored.  That means that when you say the trans and drag agenda is immoral, wrongheaded, abusive, or harmful to children, you have committed a violent social hate crime.  This is all a part of the Marxist "shut the hell up" agenda.

Under Kamala's newest hobbled attempt at competence, the government will, by God, do to you what the First Amendment presently prevents it from doing.  You made too loud a noise last time when these people tried forming the "Disinformation Governance Board," so let's see if this newest iteration gets past the Deplorables and the parents the DOJ refers to as "domestic terrorists."  Let's see if we can sneak censorship in where Elon Musk, Dan Bongino, and Tucker Carlson can't find it.

At a time of record inflation, a military that has gone all rainbows and unicorns, food and baby formula shortages, gasoline skyrocketing, and record debt, this administration thinks it's a good idea to sharpen the claws of our already tyrannical government to scratch the First Amendment out of existence.  Using a socially dyslexic woman who cannot do her border job (or any job) without giggling or lapsing into rainbow-colored Hawking-like pronouncements about the amazing passage of time or how everyone is working together, and how children of the community are children of the community, it seems as though this administration's power-mad Obama holdovers are desperately trying to get their Marxist agenda passed before November, so get out of the way.

But like the attempted Ministry of Truth, this is going nowhere, and the administration is fooling no one.  This red-eyed, crouching, present darkness will go down in flames, too.  Sadly, they may be real flames if "Jane's Revenge" have their way.  Now there is a genuine hate-filled violent group whose members have openly and publicly threatened domestic terrorism — their words.  They have said it's "open season" on pro-lifers, yet where is the "White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse"?  This group is committing actual abuse, ordered online, and planning delivery of more violence into your neighborhood, yet the media and Congress's response?

Look, a January 6 hearing!

Image: Gage Skidmore.

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