It's not the guns that kill; it's culture-fueled anger

Rational thinkers know that guns are not the problem.  Angry people are the problem.  If gun control worked to reduce gun crimes, Chicago and the other states with the strictest gun control laws would experience reduced gun crime.  They do not.  That fact alone should but will not suffice to explain the problem of gun violence.  A different solution other than more gun control and confiscation (the ultimate goal of American Marxists) is to defuse anger.  If you can't defuse it, lock it up.  

The left has been slavering for decades over taking firearms away from Americans who want them for protection.  It might be revealing to ask anti-gun people why they are so against the 2nd Amendment.  They will say guns cause violence.  That is absurd; violent people cause violence.

Did the SUV in Waukesha cause the deaths of all those people when it plowed into them?  No, the deaths were caused by an angry anti-white racist driver, who was out on bail for sex offenses and battery.  Shall we confiscate SUVs?  Or should we have left him in jail?

It was a bomb, not guns, that killed and injured so many at the Boston marathon.  Does anyone think outlawing bombs will stop a bomber?  Mass murder doesn't require guns.

The only people using guns to kill people are angry criminals, mentally ill or not.  For decades, the left has wanted Americans to believe that stricter gun laws and outright sales bans would solve the gun violence problem.  It won't.

What is dismaying is that the left shows no indication that they really want to solve the gun violence problem.  What they really want is to solve the conservative resistance problem by abolishing the 2nd Amendment.  They want no pushback on their Marxist policies, which are already causing tremendous damage.  Guns allow conservatives to push back should it come to that.  A fascistic government police force of brownshirts cannot march against conservative gun owners without themselves getting Second Amendment dead.

If the left really wanted to solve the gun violence problem, they would ensure that everyone who committed a gun crime (and other violent crimes) would go to jail without parole.  If they were serious about gun violence, they would stop flooding our cultural bloodstream with gory and gratuitous violence against other human beings.  Have you seen the John Wick movies?  Have you seen the TV series The Boys?

Mental illness, drug use, broken homes, and violent entertainment contribute to the anger that leads to gun violence.  When violence is as prevalent as it is in American culture, it rapidly becomes the norm.  TikTokkers and other social media cretins have raised this public show of anger to new heights, to the point where the ubiquitous anger is getting noticed.  This attention begets further anger, ubiquitous profanity, screaming, showing off, and violence. 

Anger permeates all levels of the culture, especially in young people.  It is no longer unusual to shout, swear, scream, break things, steal things, destroy property, or hurt other people in order to express anger — and then to film it for social media.  Anger, as I see it, underlies the proclivity toward attention-getting violence.  If a gun is handy, that is a good way to express anger.  If a gun is not handy, there are always SUVs, bombs, knives, broad-daylight battery, and pushing people onto the tracks of oncoming trains.

Anger is often the motivating factor behind school shooters, who are notoriously hostile and angry, judging by the writings of their fevered "manifestos."  They have often been raised without loving attention.  They were also never taught good manners, decorum, and temperance.  Only angry showoffs get publicity, and publicity is most often the goal of mass shooters.  If they can't get fame, infamy will do.

It is not the guns; it is the anger.  It is a refusal to prosecute and jail angry, violent offenders.  It's a deliberate, angry, race-based leniency and a cynical, angry, deliberate theft of our peace and tranquility to allow such people to walk.

Instead of abridging gun rights, how about abridging the freedom of angry criminals to walk free?

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