It is time to admit that the American left is malevolent

An assassin attempts to murder a sitting Supreme Court justice, and the NYT puts it on page 20, and the Sunday news programs don't mention it.  A show trial committee airs a television production of a fake, partisan "hearing" meant to malign the former president with selective editing and omissions that prove the opposite of the truth.  The hearings are so scripted that every member of the committee reads from a teleprompter.  Adam Schiff again altered texts between Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows to make them seem criminal.

From the moment Joe Biden illegitimately took office, he opened the border to migrants from all over the world, over 175 countries, and secretly transports them to towns and cities throughout America, amongst unsuspecting citizens.  Thousands of them are ill with a variety of third-world diseases and of course COVID.  Thousands of them are vicious gang members, human- and sex-traffickers, and pedophiles.  Thousands of unaccompanied minors have been trafficked with the administration's knowledge and approval.  All of the migrants pay the Mexican drug cartels thousands of dollars to be "crossed over" into the U.S.  The cartels are netting millions of dollars a week in payments for getting migrants into America for what many of them believe will lead to citizenship and a free ride.

Many of them are economic migrants who seek better and safer lives for themselves and their families.  They are people who are used to and willing to work.  But the jobs they get are jobs American citizens might have had for better wages.  The Biden administration does not care about those American citizens who will be denied a living wage because millions of migrants will take those jobs for less. 

The Biden administration has brought this country to a historically and frightening new low, domestically and internationally.  Our president and our nation are now laughingstocks, perceived as weak and vulnerable.  Biden has made it clear to the rest of the world, beginning with his shuttering of our energy independence and his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, that America is free for the taking.  China, Iran, and Russia, even North Korea, have all sized up this president up and found him to be not only ridiculous, but easily rolled.  Each of those enemies of America, enemies of freedom, is planning its takeover of America, thanks to Biden and his pathetic Cabinet's fecklessness. The U.S. is now a vulnerable target of each of our enemies.

The U.S. has never been more at risk than it is now, thanks to this president.  Obama planted the seeds of our destruction and is most likely the Svengali who is running the Biden administration.  Obama loathes this country and planted the seeds of what he hoped to be our eventual demise.  Globalist Hillary was meant to continue his planned decline, the erosion of all the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.  But Americans, while trusting and optimistic, are not as dumb as our radical leftists think we are. 

We will never give up our Second Amendment right to bear arms to defend ourselves.  Never.  We will never submit to the likes of the J6 Committee, a Stalinist show trial if there ever were one.  The left has taken us to the brink of totalitarianism imposed by the Marxist left.

Who are the Marxist leftists?  The dominant faction of the Democrat party as currently constituted.  The few who may have reservations about the direction their party has taken are too cowardly to object.  Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema make feeble efforts but almost always capitulate in the end, just as the RINOS of the uniparty do.  Any Republican who votes for more gun restrictions is a squishy RINO.

Not one of them has stood up for the J6 prisoners who are being denied due process, let alone basic necessities.  Shame on every Republican who has ignored the thoroughly unconstitutional plight of these people.  Those Republicans who have kept silent about this issue are enablers, as those imprisoned are innocent victims of a corrupt government.

There have been scoundrels throughout our government from the outset, but at this moment in time, our government is following the path of Stalin's Soviet Union and Mao's China.  Biden has offered this country up for the takeover by the totalitarian, globalist left.  Klaus Schwab is a happy man.  He thinks his fifty-year dream of global domination is within reach.  And it is! 

Californians voted in their primary to keep the malignant Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff!  How can this be?  The only answer is that Californians are rather stupid.  They are embracing Marxism without realizing for what they are voting: the end of freedom, the kind of freedom Americans have taken for granted for two hundred and forty-six years.  Newsom is a blight on that state.  Pelosi is a party to the total destruction of her once spectacular city of San Francisco.  Adam Schiff is, should be, an embarrassment to his district.  He is a corrupt and shameless liar, a pathetic opportunist who takes for granted his re-election.  The sheep in his district mindlessly comply.  The Marxist left depends on their unthinking support. 

The voters who support people like Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, et al. have brought us dangerously close to the communism of Stalin and Mao.  People who have "incorrect thoughts and opinions" are being harassed by the DOJ.  Peter Navarro and Ryan Kelley were recently arrested for speaking out against this administration.  The FBI used Jan. 6 as an excuse but knows full well that neither man had anything to do with what happened that day. 

Our federal law enforcement institutions are out of control.  They've become something akin to the Chinese Ministry of State Security, the German Stasi, or the Russian Spetsnaz.  Each of those agencies is pure evil.  The Biden administration, the FBI, and the DOJ are willfully ignoring the Constitution and countless laws regarding the border, medical freedom, election integrity, the protection of the Supreme Court justices, and our freedom of speech.  They abhor the views and values of conservatives and mean to squelch them.

They call any speech with which they disagree "disinformation."  Thus their campaign against what they call "the big lie," that the 2020 election was stolen.  While Democrats and some Republicans have fervently resisted the investigations into vote fraud in their states, there is more than enough proof of widespread cheating in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada.  Thousands of fraudulent ballots were counted (Bill Barr shut down an investigation into those delivered to Pennsylvania from NY), drop boxes were stuffed by ballot-traffickers, dead voters voted, out-of-state voters voted, non-existent ghost voters voted, etc., not to mention Mark Elias's finagling of election law in numerous states and the hundreds of millions Zuckerberg invested in an illegitimate Biden victory.  Had the election been fair, it is clear that Trump won Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Bottom line?  The Democrat party is now a criminal organization committed only to getting and keeping power.  From the moment Trump came down that escalator, the left mind-melded and set out to destroy the man by any means necessary beginning with the hoax that he was a tool of Russia and then that he had colluded with Russia to win.  They all knew it was a scam, fabricated by Hillary Clinton, but they all — Comey, Brennan, Clapper, etc. — all of them knew it was a lie and they all kept at it.  These are malignant, lawless, evil people.  They installed Biden in the White House and "they," whoever they are, are running the country into the proverbial ground.  Wake up and fight back, America.

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