How Republican Mayra Flores flipped Democrat House seat in South Texas

Just yesterday, Republican Mayra Flores flipped a Democrat-held House district in South Texas.

Flores secured 51 percent of the vote, while her rival, Democrat Dan Sanchez, secured 43 percent.  Eighty-five percent of residents of that district are Latino.  Flores won the seat outright by taking a majority of the vote.  She will not need a runoff.

This is a major election victory for the GOP because the area has been represented in Congress by Democrats since 1871.  It marks a significant gain for the GOP among Latino voters in that region.

Flores was endorsed by President Trump.  Back in 2020, President Trump reduced the Democrat advantage in Texas's 34th District to single digits.  Previous GOP presidential candidates had lost the district by double-digits to the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats have relentlessly pounded the GOP for being a party of white supremacists. 

The Democrats have also appointed themselves as the custodians for all minority groups.  They proudly flaunt their "diversity" in every presentation.  They claim to be the only group with compassion and empathy.

The Democrats also claim that the GOP talking about the need to protect borders and prevent the influx of illegal aliens is coded racism against Latinos.

Why, then, would the GOP be winning among Latinos?

The first mistake the Democrats make is they never see people as individuals, but rather as homogeneous demographic groups who they assume have identical worldviews and thinking.

The Democrats, despite their kind words, look down upon minority groups.  They see minorities, including Latino citizens, as inferiors who constantly need to be instructed and ordered on what to do.

They hyphenate the groups' identities; hence, there are Latino-Americans, Muslim-Americans, and Indian-Americans.  They often use these groups for shallow tokenism rather than meaningful engagement.  Their understanding of the needs of these groups is often based on crude stereotyping and their misperceptions. 

This is a form of bigotry, where a group is seen as identical solely because of the members' race.  This is also dehumanizing; it reduces a group into robots who function identically.

The fact is that no two people, including identical twins, think alike or have identical perspectives.

The only common factor (other than language) among Latinos, like every human being, is that they have a desire for a quality life in addition to growth and upward mobility for themselves and their families. 

Apart from that, they are a diverse group of people.

The Democrats under Biden are the party of open borders, causing an influx of illegal aliens, human-trafficking, and smuggling of illicit drugs.

If any neighborhood, is flooded with unvetted non-citizens, the resources meant for citizens are exhausted.  Working-class citizens are either rendered unemployed or suffer a lowering of wages because illegal migrants are willing to work for less money without benefits.  Since the illegal migrants are not vetted, there will be a spike in crimes.  Drugs will be easily available, and the young may be influenced to consume them.  It also leads to the erosion of culture.

The Democrats presume that Latino citizens, like them, see everything through the prism of race and hence endorse these dangers due to illegal migrants solely because the violators happen to be of the same race.  They also make the mistake of presuming that every illegal migrant is Hispanic.

Then there is also a matter of values, culture, and religion.

Among the roughly 63 million Latino citizens in the U.S., 77 percent are Christian

The Democrats are fanatical proponents of abortion, as evident by their nationwide protest against the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade (1973).  Traditional Christians do not approve of abortion.

The Democrats are fervent advocates of LGBT issues.  But their support is not restricted to demanding dignity for the LGBT community.  They support teaching very young children about gender identity and sexual orientation.  They also support gender-neutral bathrooms and even gender-neutral sports.  This is not approved by most people, particularly traditional Christians.  

Most Latinos who hail from Central and South American nations have either themselves experienced or have heard from their relatives abroad about the perils of totalitarianism and socialism.  They know the economic consequences of socialism and the suppression of freedoms and human rights under totalitarian regimes.  

When they see Democrats brag about being socialist, they are alarmed.

When they see Democrats display totalitarian proclivities by demonizing political opponentsmandating masks, vaccines, and lockdowns, setting up a Disinformation Governance Board, and supporting new red flags laws that confiscate guns from citizens on mere suspicion, they are concerned.

In fact, it is the yearning for freedom and prosperity that caused them or their forefathers to make the U.S. their home.  Why would they support a party that wants to take them back to the hell they escaped from?

In addition to "Latino issues," there are myriad other problems.

Every citizen is struggling due to Biden's myriad catastrophes, such as the 40-year-high inflationskyrocketing gas prices, the supply chain crisis, and so much more.

Marist poll from the end of last year showed that an emphatic 65 percent of Latinos disapprove of Joe Biden, while a mere 33 percent of Latinos approve.

Mayra Flores's victory is proof that this trend is continuing.

In fact, Flores's Democrat opponent receiving 43 percent is a high number, considering the catastrophes that the Democrats have caused.  Perhaps this is the result of relentless media messaging.

This record victory has placed Flores in the national spotlight.  If we know the Democrats and their media allies, they are particularly vicious to members of minorities who become independent thinkers.  They are feminists but hurl vicious sexist attacks against Sarah Palin and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  They are pro-black but are viciously racist while covering conservative African-Americans such as Candace Owens and Ben Carson.  The list is endless.

In the coming months, expect vitriol to be directed at Flores.  They will call her a traitor to her race and a lot more.  They are already calling her a member of the "QAnon" caucus — i.e., a conspiracy theorist loon.

The GOP must support Flores in every way when she is up for re-election in five months.

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