Houston, we have a problem 'cause it's a 'mell of a hess' here

Our Founding Fathers gave us an excellent and enlightened foundation for governance.  Our form of government is sufficiently attractive that foreigners have always come here seeking American citizenship.  The leaders who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the architects of our Constitution in 1787, smart as they were, could not have anticipated the "mell of a hess" facing us in 2022.

Joe Biden cannot, will not, or doesn't know how to lead as POTUS.  His approval rating is 39%, and 71% of Americans believe that this country is on the wrong track.  Self-aware politicians would look at those statistics and attempt necessary corrections, but Joe doubles down and blames everyone but himself for our current quicksand.  Joe is not self-aware.

We have a dud in the White House.  Republicans know it; independents know it; and now, after a nod from the New York Times, even Democrats admit that Joe Biden is non compos mentis.

Houston, we have a problem!  Biden is 17 months into his 48-month term as POTUS.  We cannot wait another 31 months for a leader.  Chinese and Russian sharks already smell blood in the water and are circling.  The good people in Taiwan and Ukraine are getting understandably nervous.

How about the 25th Amendment?  Can't the Cabinet quietly confer and give Joe an exit offer he can't refuse?  Not exactly.  Biden's vice president, Kamala Harris, waiting anxiously in the wings and busy trying to keep her office staffed, is one of the few politicians in D.C. with lower approval than Biden.

Image: Biden falling down (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

There are worthy and competent replacements nearby, but our Constitution doesn't really allow for a "no confidence" vote.  As I said before, we are in a "mell of a hess."

Some may look to our three-letter agencies as potential Dud-Busters.  Given their recent performances, however, I don't want to go there and give them any more power than they already have.

I also suspect that General Milley, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has already assured his Chinese counterparts that he is in control.  That thought gives me no comfort.

Some, in their desperation, point out that Jimmy Carter and Donald Trump are both technically eligible for another swing with the presidential bat.  Others, hearing that, remind us that there were reasons that both men were benched.

We are sitting on oceans of fossil fuel, but the Green Gang won't let us use it.  Our educators are grooming our young to hate our history and embrace their bizarre ideas of wokeness.

Our Father, who art in Heaven, we should have come to You first.  We ask You to guide us through this, because we the people have a major leadership vacuum.

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