Google, the wokest of companies, settles a huge gender discrimination claim

Google is a brilliant software design company. If it just stayed in its lane, it would be entitled to nothing but praise. But modern tech companies believe that they have a mission to remake the world in their own woke image. Through relentless censorship and propaganda on Google (the most used search engine in America) and YouTube (the most used non-gaming video platform), Google is busy forcing Americans to embrace all the leftist shibboleths: White privilege, toxic masculinity, Critical Race Theory, feminism, LGBTQ+++ mythology, and more.

Wait! Did I just say feminism? Oh, yes. I’m pretty sure the entire Google company, including its parent company, Alphabet, wants to make sure that we recognize women as part of the intersectional spectrum of victim classes in America.

Given that Google’s propaganda and censorship are offensive and highly damaging to American liberty, I had a tremendous rush of schadenfreude when I read that Alphabet settled a massive sex discrimination class action case against Google. Under the terms of the agreement, Alphabet will pay $118 million to 15,500 women who worked (or work) for the tech giant:

Image by Andrea Widburg using public domain images.

The plaintiffs in the case account for a broad range of roles within the company, including managers, engineers, sales representatives and at least one pre school teacher.

They accused Google of putting overqualified women in roles that were paid less, denying promotions to women and generally paying female employees on average close to $17,000 less than men.

Google is one of the many tech giants who have experienced labor problems relating to pay, workplace culture and hiring practices in recent years. Others who have faced lawsuits include Uber, Twitter and Microsoft. 

In addition to the money, the court ordered Google to use a third party expert to analyze the company's HR practices and an independent labor economist will be used to examine the tech giant's pay equity for the next three years.

The deal must be certified by a judge to move forward, a hearing is scheduled for June 21.

The MeToo movement made it patently clear that the men and women in Hollywood and in the New York media scene, for all their lip service and virtue signaling about respecting women and women’s rights, ran the gamut from hypocrites to predators. Innumerable famous men turned out to have preyed on women and innumerable famous women, despite knowing what was going on, kept their mouths shut for their own careers—but still, they always lectured us, the ordinary Americans, about failing to meet the entertainment world’s high standards.

Now it’s the turn of the big tech companies to have their hypocrisy exposed. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of irritating people with a real penchant for intellectual and actual tyranny.

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