Global warmists lie, phantom people die

In a system of freedom, the government works for the people. A fundamental responsibility of government, the employee of the people, is to not lie to the public. In the private sector, an employee would not last long if he was found to be lying to his employer.

Gina McCarthy, White House National Climate Advisor, recently sat down for an interview with Axios National Political Reporter Alexi (deer in the head lights) McCammond.

The interview was preprogrammed to give Ms. McCarthy all the room she needed to hit all the warmist's talking points.

Warmists come in two varieties, government warmists and socially propagandized warmists.

Government warmists (and their partners in national media, ABC, NBC, CBS etc.) know that global warming is a scam. They are promoting it to hide their real agenda of global governance. They have learned that a global problem, like global warming, is a very good way to sell global governance.

Socially propagandized warmists have been told "the big lie" about global warming so often that they believe it deep down in their soul (check out "airplane woman,"). There is no reasoning with these people, so don't even try.

Propagandized warmists are exactly what government warmists want, a large group of people who will never question what the government is dishing out. They're like the guy who even after the Covid peak, still wears a mask while driving in his car alone.

Both groups of warmists emphatically state, "The science is settled."

Richard Feynman, as great a scientist as ever lived, wrote and lectured about science:

 All scientific knowledge is uncertain.

[S]cientific knowledge today is a body of statements of varying degrees of certainty. Some of them are most unsure; some of them are nearly sure; but none is absolutely certain.

No government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles, nor to prescribe in any way the character of the questions investigated.

Ms. McCarthy early in the interview states, "Climate change is an existential threat and as we look at the science we need to move faster and faster" (1:18). 

Her concern is how quickly we can accelerate government "solutions" (2:02).

An "existential threat" has immediacy, it is something happening right now and threatens a person's life or the lives of many. An example might be the bombing of London during World War II.

British historian Neil Oliver (hat tip Conservative Treehouse) reported, "…the latest figures released by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – the infamous IPCC – show the world's temperature hasn't risen for 15 years."

For those who don't know, the IPCC is the holy oracle for warmists. It doesn't get any better than the IPCC.

If the holy oracle says there hasn't been any rise in temperature for the last 15 years, where is the "existential threat?" If there is no "existential threat," why are we accelerating "solutions?"

The "solutions" our government is proposing are causing an unnecessary amount of pain.  Exploding inflation, a fall in real wages, rocketing fuel costs, disruption of the supply chain, empty store shelves, lack of baby formula (in the United States no less!), destruction of the dollar, negative growth and more.

We are all suffering because of government "solutions," the real existential threat.

Ms. McCarthy papers over the dire affects her solutions are causing by sprinkling fairy dust, "the programs that we're operating now [are] to make sure that everybody benefits with this shift to climate change, not just the planet but our health our well-being, our economy, our jobs." (12:34)

Being totally disconnected from reality is not enough for Ms. McCarthy, she must also engage in "the fear factor." 

She employed it when she said, "Fossil fuels have actually created significant health challenges in our country. Not just climate change, but we're talking about pollution that's impacting people's lives. We're talking about billions of human beings, every year across the world, dying because it's related to climate or fossil fuels."  (8:53)

Ms. McCarthy couldn't be that dumb.  Was "billions" said purposefully?

According to The World Counts, sixty million people die worldwide every year.

McCarthy is only off by 940,000,000 (940 million) people. Yet she is telling her audience with a straight face that 60 million, plus 940 million phantom people, die annually because of fossil fuels.

It is clear our government is lying to us.

The government tells us the science is settled, when it is not, that climate change is an existential threat, when it is not, and that government solutions are the key to safety and prosperity, when they are not. The biggest whopper of them all, though, is that "billions of human beings, every year across the world" are dying because of fossil fuels.  Out and out Bravo Sierra!

Our government can't be allowed to lie to us like that. Afterall, we are the people and the government answers to us. If we let them lie, we won't have a system of freedom for very much longer. A dictatorship, and it's disruptive solutions to global warming, will be our future.

Image: Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker via Flickr.

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