Give 'em a gun

As my late father used to say, beware of polls.  He used to joke that there were more polls than gas stations in the U.S.  So I always look at polls with a good sense of skepticism even if I agree with the results.

The latest Trafalgar poll has some interesting news about guns and teachers.  This is the story:

In the wake of the deadly Uvalde elementary school shooting, the heated topic of gun laws is once again a major forefront of people’s minds. Though a majority of Americans believe arming teaching will make schools more safe. 

A recent poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group, surveyed 1,091 general election voters and found that 57.5 percent of voters believe schools are somewhat or much more dangerous without teachers who carry a legal firearm and are properly trained Ito use it. This leaves just over a mere 30 percent who oppose it. 

Again, it's a poll, but I think this one is correct.  It confirms what I believe: that Americans want safe schools first and foremost.  They want to know that the premises are safe and their kids will be safe.

Every time we have a mass shooting, the Democrats go crazy trying to focus on gun control.  But Americans are smarter than that.  Americans understand that you can't deal with school shooters without addressing the culture that produces these young men, whether fatherlessness or collapse of the family unit.  In other words, Americans know that laws will not stop gun violence or keep criminals from getting guns.

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Image: Connecticut State Library.

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