Getting over the rainbow

June is "pride month," and rainbow flags representing LGBTQ+ activity are all over.

Why is it my business if you are gay?  Why is there such a huge push from so many gay people to make their gayness known to those who really don't care?  Gay people need to get over themselves.  We don't care.

Most people don't have a pressing need to know what goes on in the trans or gay community.  There are many unobjectionable, honorable gay people who don't feel the necessity to share their most private lives with others.  But too many others insist we pay attention.  Is there such a thing as a private life anymore?

Many transsexuals also seem to have a desperate need to broadcast their lifestyles with great fanfare.  Here's a news flash: no one cares except enabling parents and other trans people.  Yet they seem to demand that the rest of us care for reasons I can only attribute to a lack of real meaning in their lives.  If their lives had substance, my opinion shouldn't matter.  Yet I am daily subjected in media and culture to one or another form of deviancy and then told to care about it.  They vociferously insist I care to the point where they have made themselves obnoxious; instigated themselves into school curricula, and taken very young children to bars for drag shows; dancing suggestively.  They have polluted entertainment with their deviancy, lately to include even pedophilia.

So now I am coerced to care, and I deeply resent it.  They have presented me with a choice I don't want: I can completely ignore the growing incidence of gay-trans indoctrination of children, which would mean its continued, unchecked proliferation in schools and entertainment, or I can fight back by boycotting, writing letters and columns, attending school board meetings, marching, and convening parent groups to fight back.

Because of these aggressively sexualizing activists, some of my discretionary time must now be used to combat the homosexual and transsexual indoctrination of young children and the pollution of the culture with lifestyles that not only go against God, but go against nature.  While this isn't new, it is certainly more prevalent and more toxic than it was even a couple of years ago.

Pride month is another way the left has insisted we care whom leftists sleep with and what body parts they mutilate.  They have, they believe, forced me to embrace that which offends my eyes, my faith, and my sensibilities.  I do not embrace any of it, but now I have to write about it because inaction is not an option.

Disney has apparently not learned its lesson with the abysmal failure of its woke gay agenda in its films, so it has doubled down, forcing us to care about its rainbow agenda.  Reluctantly, we are fighting back.  Hard.  We didn't want this war, but it has been brought to our doorstep, and we will not cede the culture.  We will not surrender.

If gay and trans people cannot enjoy their lifestyles among the like-minded, it reveals that being gay or being trans is not enough to make them feel good; they must yank the non-gay and non-trans into their world and force us to accept their degeneracy.  That is not psychologically sound: if they are happy in their lifestyle, they shouldn't need my reaction, my approval, or my attention.

For what it's worth, here is my advice to the Rainbow People: get over your narcissistic selves and learn to live your lives without inflicting them on everyone else.  Give it a rest.  We don't care about your sex or your sexuality.  Instead, find something of real value to share with the world.  Stop basing your entire identity around your genitalia.  Start looking outward instead of me-ing all the time.

And while we're at it, how about leaving our kids alone?

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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