Gay agenda activists cruise toward desecration of the family unit

Pride Month. Thirty whole days devoted to aberrant sexual lifestyles and the fetishization of the perverse. With the normalization and extravagant celebration of this deviation, the inevitable arrives: the sexualization and grooming of children. We see grown men jiggling enormous  — and exposed — prosthetic breasts in a young child's face; school districts shelling out hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to introduce elementary-aged children to men, dressed as women, and behaving in a hypersexual way; and the promotion of the BDSM kink by permitting students to pull others around with leashes and collars.

This is the reality of the radical Gay Agenda -- it corrupts wholly, destroying the traditional family unit, and directly echoes a repugnant scheme conceived in the 19th Century and dubbed, "the most infamous proposal of the Communists" — "Abolition of the family!" The literary refuse that is the Manifesto mocks the sacred and precious relationship between parent and child, saying, "The bourgeois clap-trap about the family and education, about the hallowed co-relation of parents and child[.]" Well, that "radical proposal" is now the basis of the militant Gay Agenda, which is the intent to dissolve the protection of children via an attack on familial bonds.

Just yesterday, HonorHealth, a "healthcare" company headquartered in Arizona, sent an email to employees, detailing changes to their charting system — minor children between the ages of 12 and 17, can create their own medical accounts, revoking parental oversight at will.

Passed around on social media was an image of a flyer found in a New Jersey school.  The unknown school employee encouraged emancipation for sufferers of gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria, usurping the role of mother and father as the safeguards of their children's well-being.

The Gay Agenda finds its roots in Marxism. Eroding the connection between parents and their offspring is a core principle of Marxist philosophy, and in the words of Marx and Engels, they sought complete "Aufhebung!" — abolition. The proposed blueprint is, quite literally, to pervert every child. Male and progressive "transgender" commentator "Natalie" Wynn even said this:

The affairs between consenting adults behind closed doors ought to be of no concern to the government — but we're seeing an explosion of pedophilic exploits and child sexualization.

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