Fox News journalist in bed with the World Economic Forum

Young Global Leaders, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, states that its mission is to expedite "the impact of a diverse community of responsible leaders across borders and sectors to shape a more inclusive and sustainable future."  Prior to the outbreak of World War II, the entity responsible for the transportation of the "life unworthy of life" to killing centers was known as the "Charitable Transport Company for the Sick" — so despite the optimistic tone of this well chosen phrasing, the semantics below the surface is quite concerning.  "Sustainable" — a favorite word of the globalist bureaucrats used to cover over a multitude of wicked schemes like population control via abortion, destruction of economies for a reimagined world without capitalism, and the eradication of national sovereignty in favor of global governance.  In the case of Young Global Leaders, the "sustainable" is seemingly in reference to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals — objectives endorsed by the Forum.

Among the many obvious members, one stood out: Fox News anchorwoman Maria Bartiromo.

Outwardly, Bartiromo appears to be a traditional Republican — supporting President Trump and hosting segments addressing the 2020 election fraud and theft.  She frequently condemns the policies of the radical left, and in one segment from a little over a week ago, she said:

What gets me is there's such a "tin ear" here. Even though you've got all of these missteps in terms of massive out-of-control spending, stoking inflation, and on day one, Biden walks in, cancels drilling on federal lands and the Keystone Pipeline. He still is unwilling to recognize that this is hurting the American people, and he needs to shift priorities.

At this point, Bartiromo's guest, Monica Crowley, responds:

Well that's because they do not recognize any of these policies as missteps, Maria. You know a lot of people are out there talking about 'incompetence', I don't think this is incompetence. I think this is all deliberate. ... You can't really make a socialist omelet without breaking a few eggs.

The atmosphere of the newsroom was one of America First, recognizing the fallout of destructive green policies like the closure of the Keystone Pipeline and the revocation of drilling leases — did she forget she stands with the Forum, which promotes a radical "climate change" agenda?  Maria Bartiromo is a globalist, and efforts to pretend otherwise are extremely disingenuous.

The surreptitious takeover of America First outlets, whether they be the media, the grassroots arm of the party, or any other haven or think-tank for conservatism, will continue.

Correction: Monica Crowley was a guest, not a co-host as originally stated.

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