Fire Kerry, fire McCarthy, fire Granholm

To deal with the worldwide energy crisis and the ESG recession, Alex Epstein, author of Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas — Not Less has suggested that:

“Joe Biden can end the global energy crisis in 3 easy steps: 1. Promise to stop his anti-fossil fuel-fuel agenda for the remainder of his administration. 2. Withdraw from the Paris Agreement. 3. Encourage other countries to do 1 and 2. Production will surge, prices will plummet.”

To create credibility regarding energy markets (including the oil and natural gas), Biden would need to take several additional steps to make people believe he was serious about promising to stop his anti-fossil fuel agenda for the remainder of his administration.

The first step is to fire John Kerry, Biden’s special presidential envoy for climate change. Kerry’s recent comments opposing building more fossil fuel infrastructure are just the latest example of why Biden needs to fire Kerry to create credibility in promising to abandon his anti-fossil-fuel agenda. Kerry has been on a decades-long campaign to put the oil companies out of business. Kerry should be fired, and his position should be eliminated.

The second step is to fire Gina McCarthy, Biden’s National Climate Advisor. McCarthy is a former EPA administrator under Barack Obama and a true believer that there are no benefits coming from the fossil fuel industry, only downsides. McCarthy is one of the primary proponents of eliminating fossil fuels and transitioning to wind and solar. She believes this so strongly that she wants to censor people who speak against her orthodoxy. Her failed ideology has led to the current energy crisis. McCarthy should be fired, and her position should be eliminated.

The third step is to fire Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm. Granholm is publicly a true believer in shifting away from fossil fuels. She wants to eliminate fossil fuels from our energy industry. Why would anyone in the fossil fuel industry trust this person? They shouldn’t and as long as she is around, they won’t trust any promise made by Biden. Granholm needs to be fired and replaced by someone that the fossil fuel industry trusts to support them in increasing production over the long term.

There are other personnel decisions that would need to be made to complete the pivot of the Biden administration, but this housecleaning needs to start at the top. Only then will the current “energy crisis” come to an end.

Image: Seattle Municpal Archives.

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