Elon Musk, stay out of my head

I don't like Elon Musk.  Color me judgmental, but I automatically don't like anyone who wants to put a chip in my head.  I know he is popular right now with conservatives.  Apparently, a few freedomy tweets and an awkward hour on the Babylon Bee can transform a nerdy sell-out to the Chinese Communist Party into Thomas Paine.  But yes, if someone wants to drill a hole in my skull and stick a chip in there, I don't like him.  Nothing personal — otherwise, he seems like a nice chap.

I don't want you to get the wrong idea.  I'm not a chippist.  If somebody I know wanted to get a chip in his head, I wouldn't hold that against him.  I would think he's nuts, but it would be his decision (assuming Mr. Musk allows for that, but I'm sure he will).

You might be thinking, Why are you so sure that that's what Mr. Musk wants to do?  Good question.  It's human nature.  Once a man puts that much time and effort into inventing, manufacturing, and promoting a product to the whole world, he is going to want the broadest possible application — application to our heads.

I am all for technological innovations when they are useful — for instance, the slidey cutter thing on the plastic wrap.  Why isn't the guy who invented that being honored on the cover of magazines?  No more fighting with wadded-up sheets.  My plastic wrap usage has skyrocketed since that invention.  My leftovers have never been so fresh.  Alas, it's probably too pedestrian for their consideration. 

I don't want my dislike of Mr. Musk to cause me to be uncharitable to him.  I wish Mr. Musk all the best with his cars, Mars, and rocket stuff, but I don't want anything that is going to ruin my hair or take over my brain.

Image: JD Lasica via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

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