'Doing something!' about gun crime

Joe Biden histrionically pleaded with Americans, "For God's sake, do something!" after the latest school shooting.

Democrats are in power.  Why don't they do something?  They don't need to ask Republicans when they can get something done on their own, without the GOP's imprimatur.  The answer to why they won't is simple: Democrats know that gun control and confiscation are deeply unpopular.  In fact, it hasn't got a prayer, so they are looking to shame some anemic Republicans into voting for gun control and ultimately for confiscation.  Democrats will not propose legislation without Republican complicity.  They dare not — it's too risky; they will get the blame when it goes bad unless they've got Republicans to point the finger at.

But predictably, a few linguine-spine Republicans will sign on to more restrictive gun laws, which will ultimately do absolutely nothing to stop gun violence.  Let there be no obfuscation: the ultimate goal of Democrats is the confiscation of all firearms owned by law-abiding citizens.  That way, Americans will be unable to resist when the government comes after them for prohibited speech or "climate crimes."

Right now, the solution to gun violence is really in the hands of Democrats.  Wherever Democrats run the show, crime spikes.  Where Democrat-supported district attorneys refuse to prosecute gun crimes or other violent crimes, crime spikes.  Where criminals "of color" are allowed to roam the streets free of any threat of arrest, prosecution, or incarceration because they are part of the "underserved" community, crime spikes.  These criminals will not be prosecuted unless they are shown to be Republicans or conservatives.  But rest assured: they will certainly be prosecuted if they are Christians.

Democrats alone tolerate and even encourage lawlessness by refusing to crack down on criminals.  They enjoy the chaos as being part of a Marxist plan to undermine freedom.  During the Antifa/BLM riots, criminals of all colors burned down cities, killed people, and destroyed businesses but were given carte blanche by Democrats to continue.  With few exceptions, they were not prosecuted.  The mayor of Baltimore famously said after a black man was killed that African-Americans would not be prosecuted because they have a right to destroy things.  To that, I say, "do something."

When J6 happened, only Republicans and conservatives were prosecuted.  None was prosecuted for using firearms, yet Democrats continue to call J6 an "armed insurrection."  It was neither.  For Democrats, prosecution (and persecution) is reserved only for white people, cops, conservatives, Christians, and Republicans.  They save their most vitriolic accusations for black conservatives.  However, most mass murderers are either apolitical or leftist.

I call upon Joe Biden to for God's sake, do something about D.A.s who already raise the crime rate by not prosecuting or jailing criminals who roam the streets unmolested by law enforcement.  It's not the guns causing crime spikes; it's free-range criminals, buttressed by the Democrat Party.

Joe Biden needs to do something about the rising levels of violence in blue neighborhoods.  He's got his blue Congress now.  Do something, but leave the GOP out of it.  Since the last election, we are in no mood to give quarter to Democrats and their destructive, perverse, liberty-killing ideologies.  This is especially galling when it is the firearm that protects members of Congress while we law-abiding Americans face the threat of being unable to enjoy the same protections.

Any Republican who votes for legislation that would abridge the right of Americans to possess, carry, or use firearms for self-defense, home or business defense, hunting, or target practice can kiss his seat, in every sense of the word, goodbye.

Image: Pixabay.

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