Do the American people realize the left is leading us ever downward?

I'm a proud American.  I've always taken pride in the rich culture of our country.  While I loved traveling to other places, I never wanted to move away from the freedom and openness of our constitutional republic.  Here, I could start my own business and make it succeed.  I could raise my family, rely on public education, and live in a safe place.  My, how times have changed.  My neighborhood is dangerous, our schools immerse our youth in radical dogma, and the government can shut everyone's businesses down at will.

Try finding something real to grab onto these days.  Is it even possible?  Most politicians lie every time they open their mouths, especially those on the left and the RINOs.  You only need to look at the brazenly misleading editing of the January 6 television hit job from last week to find multiple examples.  Being a politician in this country now is simply a fundraising exercise, and, with a few stellar exceptions, the "winners" are whomever the corrupt media anoint.  To stay anointed, they must only toe the line.

We're told that every one of Biden's failures is "Putin's fault," and when that's not gonna fly, Trump did something that caused the problem.  Increasingly, people see through this, but even though we know it's lies, those lies are effective.  Over half the country doesn't care or willfully ignores reality and is content to smoke some weed, put on a rainbow mask, and stay effectively asleep.

Setting American sun image by Andrea Widburg.

We who do care try to hold on until the midterms, telling ourselves that things must improve.  The left will lose both houses of Congress, and, maybe, just maybe, the country will tilt back toward normalcy, the border will be closed, we'll restart oil production, and the pie-in-the-sky green dream will be seen for the fake it is.  But then you look at the entrenched pols who remain and realize that the firebrands who get elected will have to contend with both the left and dug-in members of their own party.  As is the case every time Republicans take Congress, most likely, nothing will get done — just like in Trump's first two years in office.

Health care has dropped into an abyss, as we now have a permanent pandemic thanks to the "vaccination" of our people.  How can we ignore the fact that countries that were too poor to jab everyone haven't had a pandemic in the last year-plus?  How can we ignore the fact that, before we started "vaccinating" our children, fewer than 400 of them had died of COVID, and every one of those had a comorbidity serious enough to affect the outcome?  Now we have people getting COVID again and again rather than developing real immunity, children with myocarditis, young adults with reproductive problems, athletes dropping on the field of play, pilots having heart attacks mid-flight, and some even dying of prion disease, an accelerated version of mad cow.  Can't anyone connect the damned dots?

We can't trust our own doctors because, even if they want to, they aren't able to tell the truth or treat effectively without the threat of losing their license to practice.  I ran into this the first time before the pandemic started, when my doctor precipitously closed his practice, moved out of California, and stopped treating all patients under threat from the medical association.  He was deemed a "radical" for working with cancer and heart patients without resorting to a standard of "care" that he didn't believe worked.  His wonderful books are still out there and he hasn't disappeared — but as a former patient, I miss his presence and his local practice.  He always found alternate means of treating what ailed me, without resorting to modern drugs that all seem to have massive, evil side-effects.

There can be no innovation without the freedom to go off the beaten path.  There can be no progress — and I use that word in the classical sense — without the courage to test boundaries.  Yet, increasingly, we are made to exist within constrictions imposed by people who have neither our best interest in mind nor the knowledge to do more than lead us astray, often right off the cliff — and then tell us it's for our own good.

Diminishing our quality of life will never be for our own good.  Massive inflation is destroying our country, constraining the lives and freedom of ever more people, while a few get very, very rich.  Turning normal life into a nightmare for most of us must cause a rebound change sooner or later.  But I've been telling myself the pendulum will swing back for years now, and, so far, it hasn't.  I think the left manipulated it so that the pendulum just got stuck in a hole in the ground.  Digging it back out is going to take some old-fashioned back-breaking, determined labor.  Not to mention diesel to run the excavator.

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