DHS is warning of copycat terrorism by 'extremists'

DHS is warning of copycat terrorist acts by extremists, especially with the midterm elections coming.  Officials say they have seen misinformation inciting violence.  Of course, they don't cite examples. 

It reminds me of the letter from the Justice Department warning about violence at school board meetings and comparing the parents who were showing up to terrorists.  When asked for examples of the violence, somehow the A.G. couldn't come up with any.  Basically, he regurgitated talking points from the teachers' union and the White House without doing research.  It was purely a political document to shut parents up.

During the Obama-Biden reign, they politicized the IRS to target political opponents in the Tea Party who just wanted smaller government and lower taxes.  The IRS was used to violate the free speech and freedom of association rights of political opponents. Biden and others compared tea party members to domestic terrorists

Somehow, we don't see a letter from the Justice Department warning the public and prosecutors about gangs and other leftist, extremist groups that terrorize cities throughout the country.  The Justice Department doesn't seem to care. 

We don't see warnings from DHS or the Justice Department about the terrorists, gang members, and other criminals coming across the border because no one in the Biden administration seems interested in stopping the flow from Mexican cartels.  The Biden administration is much more worried about political opponents than criminals and terrorists. 

Nancy Pelosi is out on the Washington Mall talking about 45,000 deaths from guns as if all the deaths were caused by violence.  Why doesn't she talk about all the suicides caused by guns or other things, especially of children who got depressed because of the draconian actions of politicians, including the closing of schools?

Maybe she could talk about all the people killed by career criminals because Democrats have infected the United States with prosecutors and judges who let career criminals roam the streets.  She doesn't appear to care. 

Maybe Pelosi should talk about the 107,000 drug overdose deaths because she and other Democrats don't really care about enforcing the border and immigration laws.  Don't they care about the children who die because of the lax enforcement of laws? 

The Obama and Biden administrations have politicized the government to target political opponents instead of doing their job.  It is a true shame that most of the media ignore the massive criminal activity of government officials as they targeted Trump and continue to pretend that the IRS and the Justice Department act independently and no one is above the law.  What a joke! 

The corruption of Obama, Biden, and Hillary was endless, yet most of the media just cheered!  Woodward and Bernstein didn't care that the corruption in 2016 dwarfed Watergate. 

The Democrats are the party of fear.  They need to scare the public about something every day because their policies are so unpopular. 

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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