Dem challenger to Lauren Boebert colorfully tells us what his party thinks of voters

Democrats loathe Rep. Lauren Boebert, an outspoken supporter of President Trump and gun rights and an opponent of vaccine mandates, abortion, green energy mandates, and Ilhan Omar.  Eleven Democrats have announced they will seek their party's nomination to oppose her bid for re-election in Colorado's Third Congressional District.

So standing out among that crowd is a challenge.  But Alex Walker, who describes himself as "a gay moderate who believes in small government, personal freedom & human rights. Groundbreaking. 🙄," has gone scatologically vulgar in the extreme with an inline ad that, in the words of Politico, "features falling "cow pies' crushing people, among other things."

You can't unsee it once you click on the video below, so here is a screengrab that gives you a sense of the depths to which this gay moderate will stoop.


 For those of strong stomach, here is the entire disgraceful ad, which Google's YouTube has no problems with:

Politico cautions:

  1. In big primary fields like this, viral ads are often a way for contenders to stick out and build up their broader profiles. We'll see if an influx of donations ends up following this ad.
  2. They don't always come in competitive seats. Boebert's seat got *more* GOP in redistricting, so the Democratic nominee will have an even harder time in what was already a pretty red seat.
  3. These don't always work. A candidate for a Virginia House seat in 2017 released a "Top Gun" parody that went incredibly viral (It was really bad.). But Dan Helmer, now incidentally a Virginia delegate, finished fourth in that primary

Hat tip: Richard Baehr.

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