Can we prevent future politicized COVID-like pandemics?

Many Americans are hopeful that the instigators of the gain-of-function, human-engineered COVID-19 virus and experimental vaccines will be held accountable for their actions that have caused millions of deaths and widespread suffering worldwide.  Punishing these people for their actions is essential to hopefully serving as a deterrent to prevent future human engineered viruses, such as an extremely lethal "weaponized" bird flu, from being inflicted upon the peoples of the world.

Whereas the COVID-19 virus has a worldwide mortality rate of less than three percent, bird flu's mortality rate among the extremely small number of humans who have contracted it in its natural state is as high as 50 percent!  The effects of the monkeypox virus currently being reported may be very mild in comparison with a pandemic caused by a highly lethal, weaponized bird flu.

Unlike a recent United Kingdom filing to the International Criminal Court (see below), no action has yet been taken by any American prosecutor to seriously investigate and, if warranted, convene a grand jury to hear evidence that could result in criminal indictments against numerous officials for their actions prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Depending on the evidence produced and applicable criminal code, criminal charges could range from criminal negligence and/or involuntary manslaughter to murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Because it is highly unlikely that the federal government will seriously investigate, much less prosecute, any high-ranking individual for his actions, it falls to state attorneys general and local county and municipal prosecutors to undertake such investigations and prosecutions on behalf of injured citizens (victims) living in their respective states, counties, and municipalities.

However, unless a prosecutor is extremely brave and willing to act on his own initiative, regardless of intense adverse criticism sure to happen, such a prosecutor needs to be heavily buttressed and supported by numerous well known individuals and organizations, all seeking justice for the victims of COVID-19-related crimes.

A COVID-19 victim is defined as 1) next of kin of a family member killed by the COVID-19 virus, 2) a person who has suffered an adverse reaction or died due to a COVID-19 experimental inoculation, or 3) a person who contracted the COVID-19 virus and survived.  As of June 8, 2022, there were nearly 87 million reported cases of people in America contracting the COVID-19 virus, with over a million attributed deaths.

Additionally, there have been thousands of reported cases in America of serious adverse reactions to COVID-19 experimental vaccines and many deaths attributed to the vaccines.

It is a safe assumption that few Americans know about the December 6, 2021 filing with the International Criminal Court (ICC) accusing 16 high-ranking individuals of genocide and other related crimes against humanity due to their actions during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The ICC filing is on behalf of the people of the United Kingdom (U.K.) who have suffered over 160,000 COVID-19 deaths and serious adverse reactions to mandated experimental vaccines.

Regarding the ICC filing, it should be noted that one of the "plaintiffs" in the filing is none other than the former vice president and chief scientific officer at Pfizer's Global Allergy and Respiratory Research Department, Dr. Michael Yeadon.  Ostensibly, Dr. Yeadon could be an expert witness before a grand jury and trial convened by a state attorney general to present evidence of COVID-19-related criminal activity according to the states' criminal code.

Absent meaningful punishment, the diabolical people causing the COVID-19 virus and pandemic undoubtedly will be emboldened to cause greater devastation and suffering among the peoples of the world.  They view their actions as justified in order to achieve a "great reset" and new world order where through fear of infection, the so-called "elites" of the world (including members of the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum) will be able to control peoples thoughts, speech, and actions.

America truly needs a courageous state or local prosecutor to step up and begin to seriously investigate the criminality of numerous high ranking officials regarding their actions prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For example, the Florida attorney general could start or base an investigation on the testimonies of numerous next-of-kin family members of COVID-19 death victims who have been identified in various publications.  Once the investigation becomes public knowledge, many additional Florida victims will most likely come forward seeking justice for their injuries and losses.

It has been established that the gain-of-function COVID-19 research performed by the Chinese communist government at the Wuhan Laboratory was a reckless, clandestine activity authorized, sponsored, and funded by Fauci, Collins, Daszak, and other officials.  The U.S. Department of Defense refused to perform this research as it was deemed unsafe and violated a moratorium on such research.  This gain-of-function research led either directly or indirectly to the suffering and deaths of hundreds of thousands of American citizens and residents.

It is truly time to punish criminal behavior that has inflicted so much suffering and death on Americans and peoples of the world. America needs a bold and courageous prosecutor, having strong public support, to bring about justice for the victims of COVID-19 related crimes!

Paul S. Gardiner is a retired Army officer, Vietnam veteran, and graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Alabama, and the United States Army War College.  He is hopeful that the contents of this article will stimulate one or more American prosecutors to begin a thorough investigation (leading to criminal indictments) of numerous officials regarding their actions prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image: qimono via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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