Buried News: Customs and Border Protection is recruiting single moms as 'asylum seekers' -- in Mexico

The New York Times did an interesting, but biased photo story of how illegal immigrants cross the border to claim asylum in the U.S., one segment of a long chain of events that has seen the transport of more than a million so-called "asylum seekers" into the U.S. in the Joe Biden era.

The story begins with this tease and then moves on to various unverified sob stories of individual migrants.

The southern border is seeing a historic spike in migrant crossings. A New York Times photographer documented three ways that people cross the border into the United States.

Lots of unanswered questions in that story, of course, but more about that later.

The big news was buried in the seventh paragraph, below a long string of sympathetic photographs of the would-be illegal border crossers:

In late April, the pastor who runs the shelter, Hector Silva, was asked to meet with U.S. government officials to discuss a process for sending some migrants who qualify for humanitarian exceptions to the public health rule across the pedestrian bridge linking Reynosa with the United States. The government allows such exceptions for migrants deemed particularly vulnerable, with decisions being made on a case-by-case basis.

Mr. Silva said Customs and Border Protection had been reaching out two or three times a day to ask for small groups of people who fall into certain categories. On May 1, for instance, Mr. Silva was asked to look for single mothers.

This also happens at other locations along the border, often the result of direct communication between local C.B.P. officials, lawyers and nonprofit groups that assist asylum seekers, according to asylum lawyers and officials with the Department of Homeland Security. 

Did we read that right? Someone at Customs and Border Protection is actually recruiting illegal migrants from a foreign country to come into the states to seek "asylum"? 

Humanitarian exceptions? What if these people are bringing in COVID -- or tuberculosis, monkeypox, malaria, leishmaniasis, or any of a host of diseases migrants are known to carry from their countries of origin, if not pick up while willingly placing themselves in the hands of human smugglers, who have zero concerns for migrant health? The story does say that the migrants are tested for COVID when they are brought in, but it does not say that the migrants who test positive for COVID are sent back. Previous reporting notes that COVID-positive migrants are admitted into the U.S, and taken to some kind of "isolation," but we already know what that means -- migrants in taxpayer-paid hotels hosted by NGOs who ignore isolation rules just as they ignore U.S. immigration law and spread COVID into the communities with no concern for the local people in U.S. border towns, who aren't told about it. There was this case here.

The problem here is that very few of these people qualify for asylum to start with. Some 90% of asylum cases are rejected, while most so-called asylum seekers never bother to show up in court for them anyway, knowing full well what the outcome may be. As the story notes in the case of one supposed asylum seeker -- the plan for coming to the states was to obtain "a better life." That's a textbook economic migrant, not a person who endured state persecution and defied their government for some worthy reason as would be the case of a meritorious asylum case.

The recruiting not only is unseemly in itself, but it also goes against Title 42 restrictions, which nominally keeps even the sobbiest of the sob stories among migrants out of the country based on public health concerns around COVID.

It apparently keeps some migrants out but not most, and certainly not single moms, who are being actively sought out by Homeland Security/CBP officials and actively invited into the states from the foreign country of Mexico. That baby formula taken from American store shelves is there for a reason.

Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies has a superb report on how the Biden administration is skirting around its court order to maintain Title 42 restrictions and effectively defying the judge and thumbing its nose at the law to bring thousands of illegal migrants into the country.

Now we have the recruiting.

One last detail: I notice that the Times didn't say "Border Patrol" so it may well be a bureaucratic higher-up in that organization at Customs and Borde Protection, someone with political ties to the agency's parent, the Department of Homeland Security's Alejandro Mayorkas. It does appear that this recruiting is a political decision from the top.

Who are these people? Well, based on the description, they are unwed mothers and natural members of both their own countries' and the U.S.'s permanent underclass. They are poor, uneducated, and many are the least equipped to contribute anything of value to the U.S. economy. They are coming here to collect state benefits or take low-wage jobs, shutting those opportunities from other Americans as economic migrants at best and welfare collectors with zero social capital at worst. Their entry to the states on "humanitarian grounds" is effectively importing poverty and Democrat voters into the U.S., replenishing the generational underclass and expanding vast government bureaucracies to "service" them, as well as providing Democrats with additional congressional seats. A million illegal migrants equal three additional congressional seats if they all go the same place, or else padding for Democrat seats if they spread around to one-party blue cities, given how congressional seats are allocated, by numbers alone, not lawful presence. 

Foreign aid could take care of these people just fine, but what we are seeing now is more value to Democrats in their unlawful presence in the states.

In the various sob stories, we got to see pictures of migrants with big plans to enter the states illegally as a matter of entitlement, and lots of designer clothes on them but saw few serious questions asked by the ace photojournalists of the story. We learn a migrant has paid a human smuggler more than a thousand dollars for the illegal crossing into the states. Did anyone at the Times ask that migrant just how he got the spare thousand for the payoff? Or how he even met the smugglers? Another woman brought her teenage daughter to the states because she said was raped in her home country and has not been the same since. No verification there, of course -- did anyone ask her if she was coached by migrant advocacy groups on what to say? Did anyone tell her that crime is not grounds for asylum according to U.S. law, but how it was that someone was telling her otherwise? Did anyone ask her why she believed there would be no such crimes of that kind in the states, particularly if she moved to a gang-infested Central American migrant neighborhood and had plans to travel back and forth to her home country once ensconced in the states? Asylum seekers normally seek to get away from the source of their problems.

It's frustrating stuff to see these kinds of migrants coming to the states illegally and easily getting away with it. What's really tough is seeing how the Bidenites are recruiting such migrants. The Biden administration is obviously a lawless one in how it applies immigration law. Turns out it's actually recruiting.

Image: Screen shot from Global News video, via YouTube

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