Biden tells AP he's unpopular because Americans are mentally unwell

Joe Biden, as his party propaganda and media enablers say, is a man of compassion.

And he's now loaded with such compassion with remarks like this, addressing his own unpopularity with the American people.

See, it's not that we're bad people or anything.  It's not that we're depraved deplorables, or terrorists, as Democrats have said in the past.  We're just sick in the head.

And for Biden, that makes sense, given that his unpopularity stretches across party lines and includes traditionally Democrat constituencies such as black, Hispanic, Asian-American, and young voters now.

Here's what he actually told the Associated Press in his interview with them:

AP: What's that paradox?

BIDEN: Well, I think the paradox is, part of it is, I think what, the failure of the last administration to act on COVID had a profound impact on the number of people who got COVID and the number of people who died. Now here's what I'm, I think Vivek Murthy is right and most of the international and National Psychological Association, whatever it's, people are really, really down. They're really down. Their need for mental health in America has skyrocketed because people have seen everything upset. Everything they counted on upset. But most of it's a consequence of, of, of what's happening, what happened is a consequence of the, the COVID crisis.

People lost their jobs. People are out of their jobs. And then, were they going to get back to work? Schools were closed. 

So Putin didn't do it after all.  COVID did it.

And not just COVID, but President Trump, who made Americans depressed about Biden's job performance.

We're all somehow still depressed, despite COVID being largely over, and taking that mental unwellness out on him.  It has nothing to do with his job performance.

It's all in our heads. 

Nothing a little therapy can't fix.

Biden trotted out a host of statistics to make his claim that Americans are doing better than ever on his watch, much as Chesa Boudin did in the weeks before his recall.  Funny how that didn't help Chesa.

It's redolent of how the Soviets used to haul off dissidents into mental health facilities for "failing to recognize socialist reality."  As Joe might say: No kidding.

Here are some of the real reasons for Biden's now 32% popularity rate, his lowest ever, and lower than Jimmy Carter at his nadir, from random tweets on Twitter:

Inflation. The effects of inflation — falling wages, falling savings, falling 401(k)s, delayed retirements, soaring gas prices, crime, closed schools, shortages, supply chain crisis, an end to school choice, and an open border bringing in more than a million unvetted illegal aliens, and record amounts of lethal fentanyl.  One kitchen-table issue after another.  All of these issues are listed by pollsters as the leading concerns of American voters right now.  They are at the root of Biden's unpopularity, now hitting the low 30s in public approval in polls and going down.

Worst of all, he has no credible plan for correcting these matters.  On the number-one issue of inflation, he's busy threatening oil companies and vowing more federal spending, two of the most counterproductive things he can possibly do.  He's doing nothing about the supply chain crisis, nothing about the border, and actually instituting laws that make life more horrible for America's parents.

But it's not him, see; it's those poor benighted American voters, who seem congenitally wired to not give him the credit he insists he's entitled to.  Sound like vintage Joe Biden?  He either is an idiot or thinks we are.

Spare us this dreck.

Image: Photo illustration by Monica Showalter based on camera photo of live television broadcast.

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