Biden pre-emptively blames a coming food shortage on Putin

We've all seen it: a return to the empty shelves that plagued the first half of 2020, as the lockdowns sent people into a buying panic.  The supply chain sort of adjusted to that, but it's happening again, and this time there may not be an adjustment.  Apparently, the Biden administration thinks things will get worse, not better, because it sent out a Pentagon spokesman to blame Putin pre-emptively for the coming food shortage.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out why we're starting to see food shortages across America.  The last two years have shown that it takes decades to build up a food supply chain that serves a country of 330 million and two years to break it.  How was it broken?  Let me count the ways (and I'm sure many of you will be able to add to the list):

  • Have the Executive Branch unilaterally implement policies creating fuel shortages, especially diesel shortages, making fuel impossible to obtain or insanely expensive.
  • Use lockdowns to enrich massive chain stores while destroying community mom-and-pop stores — the kind people could walk to if they didn't have fuel for their cars.
  • Use vaccine mandates to shut down shipping; trucking; and, most recently, air traffic.
  • Use endless handouts of free money to disincentivize seeking employment in the less well-paying sectors of food production and distribution.
  • Hand responsibility for our transportation sector to an utterly incompetent man solely because he's gay.
  • Encourage an endless war in the Russia-Ukraine region, which deprives American farmers of fertilizer.
  • Do nothing to stop the sale of American farmland and processing plants to Chinese companies tied to the Communist Party.
  • Preside over a baby formula shortage necessitating begging Europe for baby formula...while making sure that illegal aliens pouring over the border have unlimited access to formula.
  • Express no concern whatsoever about what seems to be an unusual number of food processing plants burning to the ground or being otherwise destroyed.

Image: Empty shelves at grocery stores.  YouTube screen grab.

As I said, I'm sure I've forgotten something, but the point is that we're having an impending food shortage here because of the Biden administration's abysmal policies, which can be attributed to a combination of incompetence and malice.

The Biden administration sees something horribly un-American heading our way: hunger.  Not the hunger of inner-city children in fatherless homes with a mother too drug-addled to feed them, something that is an awful tragedy but very situational.  No, this is national hunger because the system is broken.  But of course, the administration can't admit that, so it does the only thing it can do — blame Putin (at 00:38 in the video):

Sundance nails what's going on:

Apparently, Russian President Vladimir Putin has the ability to drive up U.S. inflation, explode U.S. energy costs, increase gasoline prices, influence global agriculture, weaken U.S. oil refining capability, disrupt availability of diesel fuel, impede the transportation of U.S. goods, force municipal energy companies to raise prices, cancel airline flights, stop the manufacturing of infant formula and now block the production — and increase the cost — of food in North America.

It's worth noting how John Kirby says NATO and the western allies can deliver thousands of tons of heavy weapons and arms into Ukraine from western Europe without issue; however, the western allies cannot get thousands of tons of grain and foodstuffs out of Ukraine.

We are governed by malevolent clowns.  The only benefit I see coming from this is that a critical mass of the American people will finally turn away from the lure of the Democrat party.  Of course, that assumes that elections are even marginally trustworthy...

I try to be optimistic because, otherwise, why bother to get up in the morning?  But sometimes, even I get depressed.  Looming food shortages are, apparently, one of those times.

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