Bide to announce new plan for migration -- at a summit Mexico is boycotting

Here's the latest bright-bulb idea from Joe Biden, who's hosting the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles on June 6-10: 

His coming plan "to tackle increasing migration." According to Reuters:

WASHINGTON, May 31 (Reuters) - President Joe Biden will seek regional consensus on a new economic agenda to build on existing trade agreements with Latin America and present a plan to tackle increasing migration when he hosts the Summit of the Americas, senior U.S. officials said on Tuesday.

Previewing Biden's priorities for the June 6-10 gathering in Los Angeles, administration officials said his message will be that "we can't do business as usual" in the hemisphere. But they offered few specifics on how he would address the challenges exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Really? The guy who invited 2 million illegal migrants in as "asylum seekers" is now wanting to keep them out? That's just a whiff of the problem, here's the big one: Mexico has no intention of attending the conference.

Mexico and a whole lot of the rest of the 34 or so countries in the regional grouping are planning to boycott the gathering, because Biden has not invited Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to come.

"If all of the countries are not invited, I am not going to attend," Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated Friday. He's repeatedly said all of the region's countries must be invited, including those that Washington considers authoritarian and are under U.S. sanctions -- Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Criticism like that has had the Biden administration scrambling to shore up attendance, including by dispatching Vice President Kamala Harris, first lady Dr. Jill Biden, and a special adviser for the summit, former Democratic senator Chris Dodd.

The odds are there that Biden will cave and invite the hellhole regimes, which will make America look rather weak. But thus far, he hasn't. U.S. officials, according to the Reuters report, are downplaying the possibility of any problems to the plan with Mexico not in attendance.

Yeah, sure.

But with Mexico likely out, all we have are questions as to what kind of migration plan is this?

Mexico is the transit point for the 2 million illegal migrants who have been crossing our border in record numbers ever since Biden took office. Mexico's infamous cartels and human smuggling networks advertise for illegals, facilitate the transfer, and make huge profits off the endeavor.

What's more, Mexico generally benefits from shipping its surplus uneducated population to the states to take the pressure valve off the potential for unrest. Corrupt Mexican officials often reap "fees" from letting illegal migrants from other countries as well as their own pass through their territory. And once the migrants get to the states, there are the remittances -- migrants send billions in remittances that benefit the Mexican government through its banking system and by serving as a welfare system to the remainers so that Mexico doesn't need to support them itself.

To not include Mexico in this new coming masterplan from Biden is an exercise in futility, unless Biden plans go it alone, fire his Homeland Security chief, Alejandro Mayorkas and resume building President Trump's wall. Not even President Trump did that, of course. Trump had no problem negotiating bilateral agreements with Mexico to keep illegal migration down to a minimum, in win-win migration propositions. 

This, despite the fact that Mexico's president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, is an avowed leftist, same as Biden is. Trump actually had a cordial relationship with AMLO as he is known. 

Biden on the other hand, can't even get the Mexican president to come to a summit in Los Angeles. 

Biden's credibility on the matter is already pretty tattered: He held out the dinner triangle to illegal immigration, and migrants of all stripes were allowed in without vetting. After that, word got around that if you come, you will not be sent back, and the caravans from 124 countries came. And came. The Biden administration is currently in court fighting a judge's order that they drop Title 42, a measure that permits the government to send back so-called asylum seekers on public health grounds due to the pandemic. Biden wants to end that order and let the migrants in. 

Now any illegal border crosser who yells 'asylum' will be permitted to stay and work in the U.S. as his asylum case wends its way through courts, or else will be rubber-stamped by an open-borders activist who's been put on the government payroll as an  "asylum officer." Should the illegal show up for his court date some three years down the line and is then gets ordered deported anyway, he ... won't be deported because he's not "a priority."

This isn't exactly a credibility builder for Biden's new claim to want to "tackle" illegal immigration.

The idea that he now wants to "tackle" illegal immigration is bound to be a laughing matter at the summit.

What's more, with Mexico out, and for that matter Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, all three of whom are prime shippers of tens of thousands of illegal migrants, few of the migrant-shipping countries, let alone the big Mexican transit point, are going to be involved in this. He may be planning to shovel money "for development" as he always does, but without Mexico, and the Latin socialist hellholes, the plan will be little more than Biden talking to the hand.

It might have been a great opportunity for Joe Biden to hold up the shipping and profiting nations of illegals up to public scorn, had he invited all of them for the summit. But since Joe is trying to turn America into another Venezuela, well, that's a nonstarter.

What a waste of time. 

Image: U.S. Department of State banner, screen shot

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