Be proud of your American values!

America is blessed to be free.  We enjoy security because of our Constitution, police, and military.

Free speech is our indispensable bedrock value.  Without it, any group can make criticism a criminal offense.

Americans enjoy an open exchange of ideas without violence or government censorship.

We freely assemble and protest peacefully.  We practice our religion or no religion.

Equal opportunity and enterprise create healthy competition.  America rewards self-reliance versus dependence on bloated government sustenance.  We make our own choices, taking responsibility for our actions.

Our government is the servant of the people, and we all have a say in it.

We welcome people from everywhere as new Americans with equal rights, while supporting basic human rights around the world.

This is America as she was founded and thrived for generations.  We now witness the erosion of this glorious experiment caused by leftists who are trying to create a society that is not free.

I am not content to be silent.  Let us be brave and support organizations that honor our country, and let us speak our values openly and courageously to friends, family, and members of our community.

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