At the precipice

Did you know that martial law has been imposed at least 68 times in our country?  Consider this Perfect Storm Scenario:

  • Inflation devalues your income and savings enough to where you are seriously impacted in your daily living.
  • Supply chain issues prevent you from living your normal lifestyle or, worse, your family goes hungry or without essential items necessary for living.
  • Medical supplies are rationed, and you can't get antibiotics, infusion therapies, or other vital medicines, including insulin.
  • Gasoline and diesel become so scarce that they become rationed.
  • You find access to your bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and even credit cards restricted.

Our country is perilously close to one or more of these or other actions being taken.  Think I'm crazy?  If I told you pre-pandemic that baby formula would be hard to come by or that you might not be able to afford to put gas in your car, would you have believed me then?  There is a trendline, and it's not good.

Did you know that $7 trillion has been lost in the stock market so far this year?  Money is made, and money is lost — not something new.  But, when added to so many other negative metrics, the smart money is beginning to think outside the box.  When you have Jamie Dimon and Elon Musk agree on the 2023 financial forecast...we may be in deep trouble!

  • Jamie Dimon says "'brace yourself' for an economic hurricane caused by the Fed and Ukraine war"
  • Elon Musk says, "If history is any guide, not many will make it past the next recession"

There is an additional dynamic that injects the issue of uncertainty.  People are simply tired of bad news.  History teaches us that they will shoot the messenger who brings them that bad news.  Arguably, there is no good news the administration is going to be able to trumpet.  When you cannot feed your baby; you realize that your children are going to school not to be educated, but indoctrinated; and you can't afford the gas to take the children to Disney World (forget that it is nearly ground zero for Wokeness), government officials gleefully tell you that you don't need your guns as the stores all over our country are being ransacked while at the same time shortages become an everyday occurrence!

We are at a precipice right now.  Civil disobedience is growing.  The government splashes the title "White Supremacist" on a wide swath of people today who are gobsmacked at the assertion.  And the government considers many groups of white people a threat to society.  Groups like:

  • Parents
  • Gun-owners and the NRA
  • Conservatives
  • Small business
  • Those who just happen to have a problem with the growth of government and its policies

The FBI, under the direction of the Justice Department, is surveilling these groups more and more.  What are they afraid of?  Isn't it obvious?  Our government is afraid of us and is using the rubric of national security to watch far too many of us.  Citizens who want nothing more than to be left alone and live as free citizens are not exempt.  Too many of us are labeled white nationalists simply because we actively resist popular narratives that we know are a direct threat to America's existence.

Where will it end?

God bless America!

Photo credit: istolethetv, CC BY 2.0 license.

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