Actors get more beautiful as film gets worse and worse

When I was a kid, I was already an acolyte of the Hollywood myth.  Mine was not a memory of John Wayne or Marilyn Monroe, but the more salacious appetizers that would yield the table to what we have today.  The earliest hook was Star Wars.  Good stuff built on a firm concept of good versus evil, no question about it.  Of course, we've all seen what happened to a relatively pure ideal.

Fast-forward to my teens, and we have Say Anything with John Cusack, who held that boom box high with nothing but love for the girl and the masses.  It was beautiful, and I still love that scene.  If only we could've stayed there.

We didn't, and the timeline witnessed greater attempts to provide shock and awe to the audiences.  CGI offered that bump, and the world applauded, with hesitation.  The imperfections on actors' (and actresses') faces became gruesomely real on HDMI televisions.  Unacceptable.  Once CGI came on the scene, authentic cinematography started gasping.

There were implications for attractiveness.  The '80s heralded a wonderful bunch of films.  The actors (and act...) during that time were generally not the heart-thumping perfection on the screen these days.  Seriously, they weren't when compared to previous generations, where black and white and old camera tech gave a gal a help.  There was no Hemsworth in those days.  We had short Tom Cruise with his middle tooth, who remains awesome on the screen (work that tooth, Tom, while you're doing your weirdo quasi-religious thing).  The rugged and natural good looks of most actors (and...a) were a thing of the past.  We got somewhat decent acting with amusing storylines that, we now see, laid the groundwork for the fall.  Now we have absolutely perfectly beautiful actors (and...) with marginal skill, poor storylines, and Twitter feeds. 

I miss the days of young John Cusack before I knew him to be a rabid socialist.  I miss the days before my curiosity would cause me to look at hateful paintings by Jim Carrey.  These days, I find myself looking to the few remaining greats just a little bit more.  I find myself watching older movies, back when being inappropriate was just being an "off" personality, nothing more.  I don't think we'll get there again in my lifetime, but I do have kids.  I'm an optimist.  In the meantime, John Cusack can go scratch.

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