Abortion or the price of gasoline?

The Democrats have tried everything, but nothing works.

So it's time to try abortion, and that "right" got taken away by those three justices appointed by Trump.

It's a great line, but will it work when they are talking to voters rather than F. Chuck Todd?

It's not going to work, because voting is a lot more complicated than that, as David Catron wrote:

The most recent Politico-Morning Consult tracking poll asks respondents the following question: 

"Now, thinking about your vote, what would you say is the top set of issues on your mind when you cast your vote for federal offices such as U.S. Senate or Congress?" 

The answers were predictable: Economic Issues 43%; Security Issues 13%; Energy issues 10%; Women's Issues 9%; Seniors issues 9%; Health Care Issues 8%; Education Issues 3%. Abortion is lumped in with various other "Women's issues."

It will be obvious to the meanest intelligence that the top concern of the respondents, all of whom were registered voters, involved economic issues. Even if we make the implausible assumption that abortion is the most important women's concern, it still doesn't qualify for a bronze medal in the issues Olympics. Even worse, when asked if the country is heading in the right direction, only 28 percent replied in the affirmative. 

No amount of hysterics about Roe v. Wade is going to save the Democrats. 

First, the Supreme Court and the public are on the same page concerning abortion. 

Second, until the economy is fixed, no one really cares.

And that's it.  It's the economy, stupid, as someone once said.  I think it was a guy from Arkansas.

The Democrats have another problem.

Roe allowed a lot of Democrats to avoid the details of abortion by simply claiming something like: "Well, I'm not for abortion, but it's the law of the land."

The debate will be different the next time they get together in Austin or elsewhere.

For example:

Should a baby with a heartbeat be aborted?  They will have to say "yes" or "no."

Are there any limits to having an abortion or do you believe that it can happen at any time?  Twelve weeks?  Fifteen weeks?  No limits?

We never had those debates before.  We will now.

The Democrats may find voters a little more skeptical toward abortion now that we are actually voting on details rather than "it's my body."

And let's not forget the price of gasoline on Election Day because that will matter more.

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Image: Monica Showalter.

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