A must-see video revealing Trump as the prophet of the Biden era

Maze is a digital artist and video editor who put those skills to work creating a video that reveals that Trump prophesied just about every awful thing that Joe Biden has done to America since he entered the White House in January 2020.  The video cleverly pairs a Biden speech with interlineations from statements that Trump made about Biden on the campaign trail.  It's a depressing video, in that it reminds us how far we have fallen, but it's also a reminder that there is succor out there, whether it's Trump or another conservative candidate.

Watching the video, with Trump repeatedly and accurately predicting precisely what Biden would do to America, all I could think of was Jeremiah, AKA the Weeping Prophet, who accurately predicted that the Kingdom of Judah would be destroyed and the people exiled.  Trump, of course, isn't a weeping and wailing purveyor of doom.  He was just trying to impress upon people that they had a choice: vote for him, and continue to live in a safe, prosperous, normal America, or vote for Biden, and watch America's prosperity and security collapse in a welter of pain, both economic and otherwise:

But here's the good news: Jeremiah made it clear that the Babylonian exile was a fait accompli once the Judeans abandoned their obligations to follow God's law.  Thankfully, what's happened in America (I hope) has not yet risen to the level of an inevitable punishment from God.  And after the Babylonian captivity, the Kingdom of Judah had a religious reformation and a return to greatness for several hundred years.

I firmly believe that America still has the capacity to turn itself around.  I often remind myself that, much as we like to think of pretty Jane Austen movies when we think of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, England was closer to what we have today: the very rich and the very poor were incredibly debauched, with massive substance abuse (cheap gin for the poor, good spirits and wine for the rich) and a complete absence of sexual morality.  Marriage vows were routinely ignored among the rich, and straight and gay prostitution (with the latter revolving around young boys whom the debauched aristocracy used, and both male and female prostitution preying on poverty) were normative.  Syphilis and gonorrhea were rife — and untreatable.

The political situation was terrible, too.  The British government was entirely dependent on cronyism and bribes.  Civil servants received minimal pay and earned most of their money through tariffs and bribes.  Indeed, one of the major causes of the American Revolution was the way corrupt government officials routinely milked the colonies.

If you read Jane Austen's books carefully, she was aware of that dark side.  Her books describe in genteel terms the economic disaster for young women without dowries and the disaster that befell those young women when they became prey to opportunistic, immoral young men.  But she and her family represented something different: a sturdy, religious middle class.

Image: Donald Trump.  Twitter screen grab.

It was this middle class, with help from the Great Awakening, the vast religious upsurge that swept England and America in the mid-18th century, that led to the Victorian era.  That era was, arguably, the most prosperous and productive time in British history.

Here, in America, we have that same sturdy middle class, which is tied less to money (especially since Biden is trying to destroy middle-class wealth) and more to values.  This "values class" is growing by leaps and bounds as Biden's administration gives people a look into the abyss of leftism: a world of darkness, poverty, hunger, extreme cold and heat, lack of transportation, and all the other ills coming from the war on fossil fuels; extreme racial strife; a broken border; the breakdown of the family; and the sacrifice of our children to the gods of transgenderism.

Trump predicted it, Biden fulfilled the prediction, and the American people learned a lesson.  Now, we still have the dynamism, principles, and faith that allow us, like the Victorians, to emerge stronger and safer than ever before.  Also, like the Victorians, we'll be imperfect, but we will try, and we will bring benefits to the greatest number of people.

So heed the non-religious prophet Trump and, come November 2022 and November 2024, vote every single Democrat and RINO out of office in every election in the land. 

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