A COVID rant about something that should be normalized but isn't

I don't want to go crazy here, but the federal, state, and local governments are driving me off the edge.  My county instituted another stupid mask mandate — a useless, counterproductive exercise, which is being very, very unevenly enforced, I have to say.  In Alameda County, Berkeley has its own health department, which didn't go along.  You can go to the Berkeley Whole Foods without a mask, while Oakland requires them.  So, so stupid!  Here's a more detailed explanation of how much harm masking does.  The only reason for making anyone put on a mask is to control him and marginalize his liberty.

What prompted this mandate?  Who knows?  "Cases" are reported to be up.  Yeah, but what about hospitalizations and deaths?  The national COVID tracker database is gone.  First, they stopped recording numbers, so every state and county graph simply flatlined.  Then the site disappeared altogether.  Tell me why, please!  It's always been the one reliable source of information.  Did they stop so we'd be in the dark while they pushed for more restrictions?

If I hear another person say, "I'm up to date on my shots, but I just got COVID," I will scream.  They all say the same thing, and it's always BS: "At least I was vaccinated, so it wasn't so bad."  Look at the facts, people — if you can find them still!  I had to put a link for stats in England, not the USA.

The people getting COVID are all vaccinated.  The vaccinated are also the ones getting serious illnesses.  Countries that never got on the jab bandwagon are done with COVID and have been for a year or even more.

Image: Masked and vaxxed (edited) by rawpixel.

Doesn't anyone see that these stupid shots — which they now want to pump into our babies routinely, despite a complete lack of safety testing, are bogus, useless, a dud?  More than a dud, they have been proven beyond a doubt to cause a host of problems themselves, from "sudden adult death syndrome" to myocarditis in teenagers to shingles in young adults (heretofore, mostly an old person's problem) to non-viable fetuses and miscarriages to menstrual irregularities to cancer to neurodegenerative prion disease, and yeah, lots and lots of "excess mortality."  At least that statistic is still up for the U.S.

The shots don't work.  Witness Anthony King of the World Fauci, quadruple-vaxxed, double-masked, and down with COVID.  Duh!  So why would anyone want to pump this stuff into our babies?  Our children?  How ignorant do you have to be, to be one of those moms that comes on local news and says, "I'm so very, very glad they approved it — can't wait to make my children 'safe' from COVID"?

Do they notice anything like reality?  The reality that, before they started "vaccinating" our youths, death from COVID among them was super rare?  At this point, more have died from the shots than did before they started from COVID — and more are dying from COVID after the shots because they interfere with the body's ability to develop long-term immunity to the virus.  Yet California's Legislature is trying to pass a new law allowing 15-year-olds (yeah, that's up from the failed attempt for age 12) to get the jab without parental consent.

Then there's the ubiquitous argument that "long COVID" is scary, and ya never know when that will be the result of your infection.  So just to be safe, get the shots.  Frankly, give me long COVID any day over an incurable cancer, an inflamed heart, or any of the other fatal effects of the jab.  There are supplements (I've heard a course of ivermectin can help cure long COVID) that can treat the long thing...and it may be long, but it's not permanent!  We need to stop this madness.

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