Wikipedia deletes article on PA senate primary candidate who is surging toward defeating Dr. Oz

Wikipedia, now a highly politicized propaganda outlet, apparently wants Dr. Oz to win the Pennsylvania Republican Senate nomination.  That is the logical conclusion from the site's decision to delete an existing article on Kathy Barnette, who has surged into second place, only 1.3% (i.e., within the margin of error) behind Dr. Mehmet Oz in the latest Trafalgar Group poll:

Barnette noted the deletion on Twitter:

According to Zachary Stieber in The Epoch Times:

Discussion was triggered in April 2021, when an editor said that the references on the page "do not establish notability beyond routine campaign coverage."

Another editor agreed, saying Barnette had "not received an unusual amount of national-level coverage," pointing to a page for former Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell. "Obviously, if Barnette wins the election the article can be recreated," the editor said.

Editors cited Wikipedia guidelines outlining "notability," which state that being a candidate for political office "does not guarantee notability."

The page was deleted but later restored.

On May 9, an editor deleted the page again.

Within 24 hours, a different editor stepped in to restore the page.

As of this writing, the only mention of Kathy Barnette is in an article on the Republican primary.

Fox News found her worthy of attention in a five-minute segment:

So, why the hostility to a candidate who is close enough to win the election?

The Ace of Spades explains:

Politico calls her an "Ultra-MAGA commentator."

Kathy Barnette has been outspent 358-to-1 on TV in Pennsylvania's GOP primary for the Senate. She hasn't run for statewide office before. She doesn't have former President Donald Trump's endorsement.

But the ultra-MAGA commentator is surging in the polls anyway in the final weeks of one of the most expensive and closely watched races in the country.

Barnette's unlikely — and, to some, unbelievable — rise has turned heads in political circles across the state because it defies political logic. Just two years ago, she lost a House bid in the Philadelphia suburbs by a wide margin. This time around, her opponents Mehmet Oz and David McCormick have spent $12.4 million and $11.4 million on television commercials, respectively, according to the ad-tracking firm AdImpact. Other candidates and outside groups have bankrolled $25 million more in spots. Oz has also won a highly sought-after nod from Trump.

Barnette, on the other hand, has spent a paltry $137,000 on TV.

"Barnette's apparent rise is surprising just because of the lack of notoriety or resources compared to some of the other candidates in that race," said Brian Nutt, a Pennsylvania-based Republican strategist who is not working for a candidate in the contest.

Barnette has a purist's zeal, a compelling life story, and the ability to tell it to Republican grassroots voters. And, according to Republican strategists and officials across the state, Barnette is likely benefiting from a smashmouth primary that features Oz and McCormick going nuclear on each other on TV. GOP voters have been inundated with attack ads slamming Oz as a "RINO" and McCormick as a stooge for China, leading some to look for a third option. ...

"They're spending $50 million on ads. That is their campaign," she said of her opponents. "Unless there's some high-falutin' press conference or debates or events to go to, it's overwhelmingly on television. And it's these plastic, little run-of-the-mill political ads." ...

"I think it's real. I've had grassroots political people tell me for a while that when there's candidate forums, she's the one who has the most enthusiasm. And what was said about her was, 'Boy, I really like her, but she can't win,'" said Chris Mottola, a GOP consultant and Pennsylvania native who is not involved in the race. "With Oz and McCormick just savaging each other, they wind up with high negatives. All of a sudden, you're like, 'Well, why not vote for her? I do really like her.'"

GOP consultants said another factor that helps explain her bump in the polls is her link to state Sen. Doug Mastriano, the frontrunner in the state's GOP primary for governor. Mastriano and Barnette have endorsed each other and campaigned alongside each other. ...

Like Mastriano, Barnette has made false statements about voter fraud in 2020. She said at a debate that it is "absolutely not" time for the GOP to move past the presidential election.

"Her numbers are starting to line up with Mastriano's," said Christopher Nicholas, a longtime Pennsylvania-based GOP consultant. "He endorsed her and she endorsed him, and I said at the time she got the better of that deal."

Politico discusses the polling from various houses. It seems to me that this is real, and now that the word is really out with this Trafalgar poll, I think... well, I think the race is over, in her favor.


She's discussed the fact that she herself is the "byproduct of rape" — her mother was raped at age 11.

Ace adds:

I'm not sure that an "Ultra-MAGA" type is the right fit for Pennsylvania, but this is probably the right time to gamble, given that the alternatives are poor. The rule that we should vote for "the most conservative candidate who can win" presupposes that we are voting for a conservative in the first place, after all. I don't know that McCormick or Oz satisfy that prerequisite. There is simply no point electing yet another Establishment liberal to the Senate. They are Democrats in all but name.

I am more interested in retaining the seat than Ace is.  It makes a great deal of difference which party controls the Senate.  They choose the committee chairs, and the chairs set the agenda for hearings, and we need a lot of hearings on the nefarious activities of the Biden administration.  Start with Nina Jankowicz and her Ministry of Truth.

Still, this thumb on the scale by Wikipedia is disgusting.

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