Where is the Disinformation Governance Board when you need it?

Biden's lackeys love to brag about how quickly incomes are rising, but that is an intensely misleading claim.  They advertise a 5.5% raise in income, but that is before it is subject to the never-ending litany of taxes.  When you factor in payroll taxes, federal income taxes, and state income taxes, it is safe to say you reduce that number by 30% (conservatively speaking).  This amounts to a net raise in income of around 4%, which is less than half the current inflation rate of 8.3% — a significantly understated figure, especially for lower- and middle-class individuals and families.

Also, this "5.5% increase" is not universal — for people who rely on fixed incomes like social security, they are essentially a year behind, as it takes a while for an increase to reflect in their payments.

The next component to consider is the rapid rise in the price of utilities, energy, and food.  For the poor and middle class, those essentials are now consuming a disproportionately high amount of their disposable income.  The results are devastating.  The basket of goods the government uses to calculate the inflation rate also does not reflect real life.

Biden and the Democrats' "solution" to high inflation, or frankly for any other problem, is to throw stolen assets — our money — at it.  Subsidizing child care does not lower the cost; rather, it raises it!  This "phenomenon" is identical to the effect government loans and subsidies have had on higher education: a rapidly rising cost and a change in who foots the bill.  Once private institutions, whether it be a university or a daycare, know that the "government" is paying, they hike their prices.  I mean, why not?  The income is about as guaranteed as it could possibly be — but the problem is, the government doesn't pay for it.  We do.

There will be no resolution to the inflation problem until the Democrats stop their unending attack on the American dollar, spending wantonly on everything but America.

If journalists want to actually earn a Pulitzer, they will investigate the appropriate case study — that being the consequences of government involvement in the free market and the reckless spending and printing of money.  The problem is that journalists really don't care.  They are too busy supporting the radical extremist agenda to remake (destroy) America.

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