To fix the economy and inflation we must stop the extremists’ war on fossil fuels

After Joe Biden took office, he immediately told the world his main goal was to get rid of fossil fuels -- and inflation started to rise.

We were first told that the inflation was rising because Biden's excellent policies have caused the economy to recover. The truth is that the economy started to recover in the 3rd quarter of 2020, under Trump, and was rapidly improving before Biden took office.  And yet we didn't have high inflation.

Then, without evidence, Biden, Fed chairman Powell, Treasury Secretary Yellen and others said that the inflation was transitory and would soon subside. They made this up to allow them to continue spending massive amounts of government money and to continue to print money and keep interest rates artificially low, near zero. This caused the inflation problem to rapidly compound.

Then OPEC was blamed for the high oil prices. But OPEC didn't raise prices much during Trump's years because we were major competitors.

Then it became the greedy oil companies who also somehow weren't greedy during Trump's years.

Now the oil price and all inflation, which has been raging for over a year, is all caused by Putin.

We have also been told that the reason for high inflation is because the job market and economy are so good. Somehow, we had record low unemployment during Trump and low inflation so that is also a blatant lie.

There are two basic types of inflation:

Demand Pull and Cost Push [emphases added]

Demand-pull inflation is the upward pressure on prices that follows a shortage in supply, a condition that economists describe as "too many dollars chasing too few goods."

Cost-push inflation (also known as wage-push inflation) occurs when overall prices increase (inflation) due to increases in the cost of wages and raw materials. Higher costs of production can decrease the aggregate supply (the amount of total production) in the economy.

When the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, it is a good way to tamp down inflated prices on things like real estate and stock prices. That helps address demand-pull inflation.

The problem is that a significant amount of the inflation today is a classic case of cost -push inflation, where the government is intentionally limiting the supply of energy products, and energy prices affect everything we buy and use. As the price of energy rises, businesses raise their prices to cover their costs. Then workers demand higher wages to cover rising prices and businesses have to raise their prices higher.

The problem compounds until the supply issue is resolved.

The Federal Reserve can raise interest rates many times without solving cost -push inflation caused by the federal government’s intentionally destructive policies.

The tremendously sad part is none of this is necessary. It is a pure fraud to say that humans and fossil fuels cause temperatures to rise and the climate to change. There is zero scientific evidence to support that theory, only computer models.

For a long time, we were told that we had to replace fossil fuels with alternative energy products because we would soon run out.

We've Been Incorrectly Predicting Peak Oil For Over a Century

1909: 25 or 30 years longer

1919: Two to five years until maximum production

1937: Gone in 15 years

1943: Peak oil has been reached

1945: Just thirteen years left

1956: Ten to fifteen years until peak oil

1966: Gone in ten years

1972: U.S. oil depleted in twenty years

1977: Oil will peak by the early 90s

1980: In the year 2000

1996: Peak oil likely by 2020

After it became clear that we had plenty of oil and coal, the talking points changed to:

We have to replace coal and oil because they cause global warming.

Then, after the warming slowed down the talking points became:

We have to stop using fossil fuels because humans and fossil fuels cause climate change.

The climate has always changed cyclically and naturally, yet somehow, after billions of years of the Earth's existence, humans and fossil fuels somehow became an existential threat to our survival.

Floods and droughts are now supposedly caused by humans and fossil fuels. Every storm is said to be worse because of us. Too much snow and too little snow both are caused by us. It is all made up. It is as if El Nino, La Nina and all the natural climatic change has disappeared.

To understand that is all the fraud takes just a few scientific facts:

The Medieval warming period over 1,000 years ago was as warm as today.

A little ice age occurred from 1300 to 1860 where the Earth cooled a little.

In the last 150 years, temperatures have fluctuated and are around one to two degrees higher today, which would be absolutely normal following an ice age ending.

Meanwhile, populations have exploded and crude oil use has risen exponentially from around zero to nearly 100 million barrels per day. If humans and fossil fuels caused temperatures to rise the temperatures would be much higher.

There is no scientific data from the last 150 or 1,000 years that shows that humans and fossil fuels control the climate or the temperature. It is pure arrogance and fantasy to pretend otherwise,

If the media, the Biden administration and other Democrats truly wanted to solve the inflation problem and help the poor and middle class they would support going back to Trump policies of energy independence instead of seeking to decimate everyone by continuing their efforts to destroy the tens of millions of jobs directly and indirectly related to energy. 

Graohic credit: Epic CC BY 2.0 license

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