The word no one mentions when discussing school shootings

It happens again and everybody runs to their corner and restates a formerly held position.  Liberals blame guns.  Conservatives want to beef up security.

No one asks the central question; why are kids shooting up schools?  Schools are the target.  Schools are the objective.  Schools are the focal point.

What are schools doing that makes them so hated?

You can go to any website and see the open and growing craziness within the teaching profession.  There are too many cotton-candy-haired narcissists who only preach a cause to their captive audience.  They might preach about homosexuality.  They might preach about Critical Race Theory.

But it’s all about their personal cause.

These spokesmen for the Cause are creepy because the Cause trumps all other knowledge.  Look for reading scores on the bottom shelf, just below basic math. 

Narcissists’ teaching budding narcissists’ is not a healthy diet for the soul of our country.

Even the books students read are self-centered, crafted so that the reader “can relate” to the subject.

So they learn not to relate to others.

You don’t read great writing to learn about yourself, you read it to learn about other people.  In this way, you come to a balanced and consolidated view about the larger world outside of yourself.  This is opposed to a world centered only upon you and your nose ring.

A culture of crude narcissists is incapable of bestowing the gifts of empathy and insight upon its student body. 

The crude arrogance of the education establishment starts at the top; from the NEA to your local school board.

And somedays it ends in Uvalde, Texas.

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